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Opel Rekord 3.8i CD or GSI V6 Parts

CD (Class Diplomat) = automatic transmission and GSi (Grand Sport Injection) = manual transmission



  • Spark Plugs – NGK BPR5EFS-13 / +-R40.00 from Autozone
  • Oil Filter – GUD Z229 / +-R140.00
  • Air Filter – GUD AG839 / +-R250.00
  • Fuel Filter – GUD E18 / R
  • Front Brakepads – Safeline D973
  • Front Brake Disc/Rotor – Alfa FL-DR6802 – Autozone / Midas tend to say it’s not available anymore
  • Rear Brakepads – Safeline D3036
Car Spares Dealers


  • Key PMB: 033 345 2542
  • Midas: 033 345 3401
  • Autozone: 033 392 4500
  • Goldwagen: 033 345 1537
  • Europarts: 033 342 0669
  • Alert Spares: 033 341 6000
  • Diesel Electric: 033 345 1411


  • Echlin Durban: 031 312 1030

Local 2nd hand

OCT TRADING: 031 402 0837 – Durban

Door Seals for all 4 doors +-R1200 from OCT

Spark Plugs

NGK BPR5EFS-13 or NGK BPR5EFS-15, gap seems like it should be 1.6mm



Cross Reference Chart


  • Thread: 14mm
  • Reach: 19mm
  • Hex: 16mm – this is your spanner size
  • Seat: Flat



Bosch H8DCX

IAC -Idle Air Control Valve

Aftermarket part available from Goldwagen for R160 and Europarts R400

HELLA: 6NW009141121
HOT-STAMP: 59524
OPEL: 817254 17112027
PIERBURG: 407501510
VDO: AT-59524R

TPS – Throttle Position Sensor

Aftermarket part available from Goldwagen for R180

Parts Pricing from Key

Coil Pack (11508061) R4,200 excl VAT – 21/01/2014

  • GM 10472401 replaced by 19353734 alternate OEM Part No. 10482928 or ACDELCO D555
  • GM 10482928
  • Alternate Part:
    WAI global CDR39
    AIRTEX 5C1058
    WELLS C849

Doesn’t look like these are available from any of the parts suppliers, tried Europarts, Autozone, SA Parts

2nd-hand +-R400 per pack (3, 1 for each pair of cylinders)


Looks like a Buick L27 with LN3 intake, similar blocks come up all over the place as GM 3800, Holden also did a similar engine internally named the EV6

Engine of Opel Rekord 380 GSi
  • Engine typenaturally aspirated petrol
  • Engine manufacturerGM
  • CylindersV6 in 90° vee
  • Firing Order1-6-5-4-3-2
  • Capacity3.8 liter / 3791cc / 231.341 cu in
  • Bore x Stroke96.5 x 86.4 mm 3.8 x 3.4 in
  • Bore/stroke ratio1.12
  • Engine propertiesoverhead valve (OHV) 2 valves per cylinder 12 valves in total
  • Max engine power177ps / 175bhp / 130kW @ 4800 rpm
  • Specific output (ISO)46.2 bhp/liter 0.76 bhp/cu in
  • Max torque (ISO)290 Nm (214 ft·lb ) (29.6 kgm ) at 3200 rpm
  • Specific torque (ISO)76.5 Nm/liter 0.92 ft·lb/cu 3
  • Sumpwet sumped
  • Compression ratio8.5:1
  • Fuel systemMPFi
  • Bmep (brake mean effective pressure)961.3kPa / 139.4psi
  • Crankshaft bearings4
  • Engine coolantWater
  • Unitary capacity631.83 cc
  • AspirationNormal
  • IntercoolerNone
  • Catalytic converterN

GM 3.8L Ignition Coil Pack Tests


High Energy Ignition (HEI) Spark Tester


Interesting Info

GM 3.8L List of Articles

Ignition Leads


Spares, this listing is for Buick LeSabre, same motor as 3.8


Fuel Pump

Water Pump

  • QCP7348
  • GMB Part No.: GWG59A
  • OEM: 12338842

Radiator Cap – Echlin TP2-18 – Echlin Catalogue +-R80 from Europarts in PMB

Oil Filler – Echlin OFC-79



38 thoughts on “Opel Rekord 3.8i CD or GSI V6 Parts”

  1. 2 fuse boxes, 1 under the dash on the right hand side of the steering wheel and 1 in the engine bay on the left rear of the engine bay if you are standing in front of the car facing the engine.

  2. Adriaan Du Plessis

    Ek soek part vir my opel record 3.8 voor lugte en agter lugte voor en agter stuvner

  3. Hi All
    im down in cape town building a 3800 to race stock cars with can any one show me in a direction that i can get more out of the opel 3800 with out putting a blower nos or a turbo on it
    i have the rekord 3800 GLE

    would appreciate all the help i can get
    my email : [email protected]

    thanks guys

  4. Awesome page, thanks Grant.

    @clint – you can search for parts for LN3 in the States and Australia, these motors were used extensively in various configurations. For racing, you get high compression pistons (up to 9.5:1 is what I’ve found online) and I even found a website that offers aluminum heads (think it was a site focusing on Buick Regal GNX cars).

  5. can somebody please help urgently looking for crank shaft pulley for 1991 opel rekord 3.8DC vin nr S554865 from Klerksdorp north west can somebody please help

  6. hey Innocent am looking for the whole engine gaskets set and crankshaft bearings for my Opel rekord 380i Gsi v6 1992 model please help

  7. Hi all..im looking for a Chev Rekord 2.3 manual gearbox, its 4 spd. Will anyone know if the 2.0 litre box fits onto the 2.3 engine?

  8. Halo Guys.

    I have an Opel Rekord 380i V6.

    Does anybody know where a can get a 2/5 coil for the car???


  9. Hi i just want to know wich gearbox does the opel rekord cd v6 got. 1993
    Is it a good box?
    I dont have any trouble with it but want to change the oil in box but dont see any place where you can drain the oil

  10. Mone van der Merwe

    Hi. My speedo is jumping all over the place. Does it have a cable or a sensor…or both? And where could I find these parts? Please help. If it has a sensor, where is it located on the car? I have a 1993 Opel Rekord 380i

  11. It has a cable. Jumping suggests the cable is slipping. Cable might be worn or the speedo might have stripped teeth.
    Spares are a nightmare for this car. Try the agents, otherwise, remove it and then see if you can get something to match.

  12. @Mone – Don’t waste your time and money looking for a cable, it’s the air friction clutch on the speedometer that gets dirty, actually. All the facelift models suffer from this. I have not tried it yet, but you should be able to open it up and blow it out with a compressor.

  13. Hi. Can anybody please help. We’re can I buy a crank sensor from. It’s for a v6 3.8i opel rekord engine.

  14. Hi Sam. Best is to get it from Australia. I didn’t know which to get – apparently our engine codes doesn’t match with theirs – and they said there was an update in and around the time of our motor, so I got both. They’re dirt cheap over there, though, so it wasn’t an issue. Best is to contact an online retailer and discuss it with them and buy one from there. Here’s an example, though I don’t guarantee that this is the correct one. They look similar, but I can’t remember which one fitted, and it was over a decade ago.
    I suspect it’s the update happened from the LN3 to the L27, and no-one seems to be sure if we have a LN3 or a L27 with the LN3 plenum. I suspect it’s the latter, though.


  15. Yes there is a computer box but it is unlikely the cause of the miss. Missing is usually due to weak spark, so more likely a bad plug, plug lead or coil pack.

  16. Hi, I am looking for a replacement Airflow meter for Opel Rekord 3.8 V6. I can’t find the original

  17. Hi Grant,
    I have just stumbled across your online site with info, spares, queries and fixes for the Opel Rekord 380 v6’s !!
    Not sue where you are based and whether you originally worked for Delta or GM !!
    I have been involved with GM products since 1980 and I am an Opel Specialist based in Roodepoort Gauteng. I have repaired and serviced many of these vehicles and still have a lot of spare engine parts available, electrical and mechanical, both new and used !!
    I have the original Delta service handbook with the engine specs as well as all the circuitry diagrams !!!
    Personally converted a VW Caravelle 2.6 as well as a KB250 diesel to run on this 3.8 v6 engine !!

    This engine is originally a Buick 231 cu in, which in our case, was manufactured and sourced from Holden in Australia !!

    Correct Spark plugs are Champion RS-12YC6 and the gap is 1.5mm

    My contact details are as follows
    Mike Philip

    Mike Philip

  18. I’m looking for speedo cable insert for a manual 5 speed box, it is the Borg Warner box for the GSi

  19. Hi. JD. Hi Mike. I was not able to get a crank sensor. However I did mange to get another motor.
    I got the second motor start. Please keep in mind that I am using this engine in a Mazda drifter.So the problem now is that it starts but once I select drive it cuts out. It’s also auto. I have used both computer boxes. But have the same result. It some times ideal and not. It’s is now at the performance garage for a management system. But they to have failed….. Please advise me. I think the performance guys are missing something. We have not wired the management system yet.

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