I use Fab’s AutoBackup, it is a reasonably simple and powerful tool for getting your data from one PC onto another or just to ensure that your settings are backed up.

It will find your Outlook PST files if you use Outlook and copy your email signatures.

The best thing about it, it is affordable @ EUR 10.00 or roughly R160.00 for Fab’s AutoBackup 7 Single license version. Fab’s AutoBackup 7 Pro is 45eur for 1 year or 90eur for 3 years

The program allows you to backup and restore the following items:

Personal folders:
 User’s Desktop (files, folders, shortcuts).
 My Documents
 My Pictures
 My Music
 My Videos
 Downloads folder (Windows Vista and later)
 Quick launch toolbar shortcuts (only for Windows XP and Vista since the feature has been removed from Windows since Windows 7)
 User’s desktop wall paper (picture and settings)
 Windows Start screen Modern UI layout (only shortcuts, not applications)

Web browsers:
 Windows Internet Explorer favorites
 Windows Internet Explorer start pages
 Windows Internet Explorer settings (proxy, security zones)
 Microsoft Edge’s favorites (windows build version has to be strictly the same as it was when restoring this item).
 Mozilla Firefox profiles
 SeaMonkey profiles
 Google Chrome profile *
 Chromium browser profile *
 Opera Web browser profile
 Vivaldi browser profile

 Microsoft Office Outlook messaging profiles and data files (PST and OST files)*
 Microsoft Outlook signatures
 Microsoft Office Outlook typed email addresses history
 Mozilla Thunderbird profiles
 Microsoft Outlook Express identities (emails, rules, email accounts)*
 IncrediMail identities (emails, rules, email accounts)
 PostBox profiles
 Windows Mail (Windows Vista app).
 Windows Live Mail
 Windows Contacts (Address Book in Windows XP, used with Outlook Express)
 Opera Mail
 eM Client

Microsoft Office :
 Microsoft Office documents templates
 Microsoft Word’s startup folder, custom dictionaries (.dic), auto complete entries (.acl)

Misc :
  Windows Vista’s Calendar
 Windows Gadgets and their settings (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
 Screen saver settings
 Sticky-notes (Windows 7)
 Skype data
 Trillian data
 ICQ Data
 Apple IOS devices backups (MobileSync)
 Google Picasa albums and database
 Network drives connections
 Network places
 BlackBerry Desktop Manager settings and BlackBerry devices backups
 Logitech SetPoint settings
 Microsoft IntelliPoint settings
 Microsoft IntelliType settings
 Google Earth markplaces
 Java security sites exceptions list
 FileZilla Client settings
 FileZilla Server settings
 Stored network credentials (using third party tool NirSoft NetPass, working only for current user session)
 Email programs passwords (using third party tool NirSoft MailPassView, working only for current user session)
 Web browsers stored passwords (using third party tool NirSoft WebBrowserPassView, working only for current user session)

Cloud services :
  Microsoft OneDrive local files
 DropBox local files
 Google Drive local files
 iCloud Drive local files
 hubiC local files

Common items:
 Common documents
 Common desktop
 Common pictures
 Common videos
 Common Music
 Common downloads
 Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007/2010 activation files
 Modem settings file (rasphone.pbk)
 NCH Express Invoice data
 Steam downloaded files
 Intuit QuickBooks data
 Installed software list
 Installed printers list
 Microsoft product keys (using third party tool NirSoft ProduKey)
 Wifi keys (using third party tool NirSoft Wireless key View)

User defined:
 Additional user defined folders
 Additional user defined files

* Passwords associated with these programs are not handled

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