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Converting your WordPress site to SSL – HTTPS

By now most hosting companies have already setup free SSL for most websites.

Domain cPanel

  • Log in to your cPanel
  • Click the SSL/TLS Status icon which is usually under the Security tab – you’ll be able to see if your domain has SSL installed
  • Whilst you are here you might as well install the latest PHP if you haven’t already

Your WordPress Site


  • Login to your WordPress site
  • Backup your site before beginning
  • Temporarily disable whatever caching plugin you use
  • Update any plugins and themes

Search & Replace

  • Install & activate Better Search Replace
  • Go to Tools>Better Search Replace, Search for http:// Replace with // – I also replaced //handshake.co.za with //www.handshake.co.za [This needs to match what you have set in Google Search Console]
  • Under Settings>General – I changed https://handshake.co.za to https://www.handshake.co.za and Saved changes
  • Install Velvet Blues Update URLs

Activate Really Simple SSL

  • Install and activate the Really Simple SSL plugin by clicking Go ahead, activate SSL!
  • You’ll probably need to login again
  • Re-enable your caching plugin

Plugin Fix

  • You might need to fix some plugins like Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights


Type http://yoursite.com into your browser and see if it redirects to your SSL page in my case https://handshake.co.za redirects to https://www.handshake.co.za

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