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HELLO – I am not Telkom – Telkom’s Contact Details

Attention All

I have absolutely nothing to do with Telkom. Ziltch, nada. I cannot help you in any way with regards Telskum.

Do not contact me, I’ve just put their contact details here for my reference and yours.

Find a mistake or can add to what I have, please let me know …

Here are a multitude of ways to contact Telkom

  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home: Sales – 10213 & Service – 10210 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales – 10213 & Service – 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business Connexion: 10214 or 0800654321 the number of the SmartAccess help desk. Alternatively, send an e-mail to smartaccess@telkom.co.za with the word “HBT” in the subject line. The e-mail should contain the detail of the questions in the HBT Self-Help Guide at the bottom of the page.
  • Log and Track a Telkom Fault online
  • Report a fault via SMS: SMS “SERVICE” and your landline number to 30591. (SMS is free)
  • Contact Telkom via their social media
  • Chat to a Telkom Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representative)
  • Email Telkom or email 10213@telkomsa.net or support@telkom.co.za
  • Visit your nearest Telkom Store – Store Locator
  • Download Telkom’s App:

Service or Line Cancellation

Telkom recommends that customers cancel via the online portal
Login to MyTelkom

  • Manage Accounts
  • Select relevant service/account: 
  • Select cancel applicable services

Follow the prompts thereafter.
Please refer to the following document for more information

If however, you no longer able to access the online portal, customers can escalate their complaint with Telkom’s cancellations department by visiting www.telkom.co.za and navigating to:

  • Help > Talk To Us > [Scroll Down] > Send us an email > [Select cancellations under department]

It is also possible to send email to Corporate Customer Care ccc@telkom.co.za


I have nothing to do with Telkom. Ziltch, nada. I cannot help you in any way with regards Telskum.
Do not contact me, I’ve just put their contact details here for my reference and yours.

11 thoughts on “HELLO – I am not Telkom – Telkom’s Contact Details”

  1. Hi I was very shocked to find out today that most 031 number are not free under the contract all telkom lines are free.I asked the question how am I to know which one’s fall under telkom free?only to be told when you get your bill.not impressed with is contract.

  2. Can’t get Telkom to ‘sign off my order’ – applied for Fibre on the 10 October as at today still nothing.
    I have given them till tomorrow to link me or cancel everything regarding Fibre

  3. Hi Yvonne, I suggest using another ISP to deal with Telkom on your behalf. I recommend Afrihost to my clients. It generally costs less and you don’t have to with Telskum, just let Afrihost know and they’ll get things fixed for you.

  4. I did the cancellation online, got all the confirmations, had a bad felling that all is to good to be true. So I called them ( my cancellation request was done in October to be cancelled in November 2018) so the end of the day wen I called and ask them if all was cancelled as requested and confirmation received cause I am waiting for the Retaining Deposit that I have not yet received. They end up saying no they have not cancel anything and that I have to pay for the months…. I said here is my cancellation request my last payment and the confirmation. OOOHHHH sorrry mam we will sort it our as soon as possible. It took 2 months for them to cancel the debt and the contract, but still did not refund my deposit they are still waiting for finance department. i have email they manager that said he will take care him self of this situation, I have email him I have called him over 20 times, I called and had over 16 consultants and still nothinnnnggggg……. Today I will call and email again and see.

    But Telkom is the worst worst I have ever experience. Their service is terrible, you cant relay on them at alll……

  5. Telkom is the worst service provider I have ever had to deal with, I regret leaving Vodacom for them, their offer was good but now I feel it is the worst ever they have so much hidden cost and there is no transparency their staff will never tell you one and the same thing all have different answer to a same question.

  6. Thank you for this info. Telkom is a trap not only to the poor. Imagine the process you have to go through just to cancel your contract with them. But joining is like slidding down a hill that you have to cimb up later.

  7. Telkom had the most incompetent staff with almost no knowledge as to what they are doing. 3months ago a switch over to fibre with an upgrade to 20/2 uncapped data. They did the switch but are still billing me for both service. Since I only paid for the 20/2 uncapped they suspended my service. I called billing dept month’s ago but they were unable to help me to sort out the bill and referred me to sales dept and they said it was billing dept problem. Now what do you do in this case I’m thinking of switching to a new isp service provider. Telkom is just a waste of time

  8. i have called telkom over 10 times , i have done a migration from adsl to lte, everything is done, set up, but the service is not activated as the call needs to be closed , thi is really sad indeed, so many days later, so many calls reference numbers and the call cant be closed in order for the service to work

    if useless was a person it would be telkom

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