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Installing Irontree for Cloud Backup, Pastel Backup, SARS Easyfile

I am an IronTree Reseller and will receive a commission on any sales generated from the signup link below.

Checkout IronTree Cloud Backup to look at their offerings.

IronTree Redstor Backup Pro SE Software Installation

IronTree Assisted R275 ex VAT – once-off

The easiest way to get setup is to set up a time with an IronTree consultant. They will then call you, log on to your PC via TeamViewer, download the relevant software, install and configure the software as well as walk through what data you need to be backed up.

You will need the following info on hand for setup. Company Name, Contact Person, Contact Person Email, Contact Number, TeamViewer ID & password as well as your SMTP mail server, mail address & password. [The mail details are to enable email notifications.]


If you are a security nut and don’t like other on your PC, you can always perform a self-install.

Take a look at what bit version your Windows OS is. Then download the appropriate version of IronTree.


By the way, IronTree uses Redstor Backup Pro SE.

  • In most cases it’s OK to leave the default Run as LocalSystem, click Next
  • The default directory can also be left as is, click Next [default is C:\Program Files\Redstor Backup Pro\Backup Client SE\]
  • click Install
  • finally check the Launch Redstor Backup Pro SE box and click Finish

1. Backup Account Details

You’ll need to put your account details in that you received from IronTree, click “Next”

2. Backup Account Summary

click “Reconnect”, the software will verify your backup account details, before moving to the next step.

3. Backup Schedule

Now you’ll need to setup your backup schedule. Choose times when you are less likely to be on your machine to cause the least interference in your workflow, click “Next”

4. Optimisation

Click next, standard settings are normally correct, click “Next”

5. Summary

A summary of your setup, check and then click “Next” & “Finish”



This will stop your system from backing up mostly unnecessary files, including movies and music. If you want to backup your Outlook mail you’ll need to remove the *.pst

Click > Options > Global Exclusions, check “Exclude these files:”, then copy and paste the list below into the box.


Click “Ok”

email Notification Setup

Go to > Tools > Plug-ins > Email Notification

Click the checkbox “Use email notification”, now select the instances you would like to receive notifications for.

Under “Mail Settings”, under “To:” add support[at]irontree.co.za to notify IronTree of the status of  your backups, you can add an additional email address by adding in a “;” and then another address i.e. support[at]irontree.co.za; grant[at]handshake.co.za – replace [at] with @

“From:” Your email address

“SMTP server:” this could be smtp.yourmail.co.za or mail.yourmail.co.za

You’ll most likely need to check “My SMTP server requires authentication” add your mail account login details to allow IronTree to send mail as you.

Click “Test” to see that it is working correctly and can send mail. If it works you should see a mail in your inbox as long as you included your address in the To: field.

14-day Trial

Want to try the service, you can get a free 14-day trial by going here and scrolling down and clicking Register for a trial account and fill in the form, limited to 4GB, plenty to test the system.
You will be emailed instructions and contacted to ask when you would like the service to be installed on your PC. IronTree uses TeamViewer to set up your PC, remotely.

The Backup Process

Data is first compressed and then encrypted so that data sent to IronTree is not actually visible to IronTree. I’ve seen a set of 8 Pastel companies get reduced from 800MB to 110MB before uploading.

Efficient Backup

Please remember that your backup is only as good as your setup. If you are in doubt as to whether a file or folder is being backed up, it probably isn’t.

Pastel Year-end Update & Upgrades

Remember to add your new Pastel company folder at year end to your backup. i.e. You change your company from hand2018 to hand2019, you need to setup your backup to backup the new hand2019 folder.
If you upgrade from Sage Pastel Xpress or Partner 17 to 18 then you need to change your backup path from c:\pastel17 to c:\pastel18

Pricing ex VAT

  • R275 – Initial account start-up – once-off
  • R140 – Up to 4GB (R35/GB)
  • R175 – Up to 6GB (R29.17/GB)
  • R265 – Up to 9GB (R29.44/GB)
  • R280 – Up to 12GB (R23.33/GB)
  • R310 – Up to 20GB (R15.50/GB)
  • R545 – Up to 45GB (R12.11/GB)
  • Over 45GB you’ll need to contact them

2 thoughts on “Installing Irontree for Cloud Backup, Pastel Backup, SARS Easyfile”

  1. IronTree is a joke. They sell cyber sec + disaster recovery etc, yet their website (wordpress based like yours) lacks basic security. IE irontree.co.za/wp-admin/ takes me to their login page which has no 2FA… THe following folder on their site is public irontree.co.za/wp-includes/css/ .

    They have no security headers in place either… Site is not entirely delivered over HTTPS either.

    I’ve warned them about these issues via IG a few months back… If they can’t get this right, how can they get end-to-end encrypted backups right? Or do proactive cyber-sec ?

    Might aswell use Google Backup&Sync (which allows 3x accounts to be active at once) & schedule the backups. 20GB per account, for free.

  2. Hi Zade. I’m no cyber sec expert, but what you say sounds like you know what you are talking about. What cloud backup solution would/do you use? I’m looking for a good, secure cloud backup service, as one step towards POPI compliance. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks. Rob

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