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Sage Pastel Accounting runtime error 9, whilst posting cashbook batch

When updating a cashbook or journal batch, you get a Runtime error 9: Subscript out of range message. The error is usually caused by a corruption in your batch. Identifying exactly what is corrupt is not often possible, as the batch often appears to be fine.

Make a backup of your data before proceeding with the fix

  • Export the batch by going to Batch>Export
  • The Export/Import screen will pop up. Type in a file name to describe the batch you are working on, then click the Process button
  • The batch will be exported and you will see a pop-up message alerting you that it has been exported, click OK
  • Now that the batch has been exported, go to Batch>Delete Batch – click Yes when asked: Delete this Batch? and Yes again when asked: Are you sure?
  • Now the batch is deleted, click Batch>Import to import the batch, find the file you exported and click Process
  • The batch will then import and return you to your cashbook, if the import was successful
  • Update the batch as per usual

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1 thought on “Sage Pastel Accounting runtime error 9, whilst posting cashbook batch”

  1. I followed the steps and found that using the double quote sign ( ” ) to show inches of items conflicts with the way sage reads. The double quote pushes the reader to thing that the lines that follow are the project description.
    I manually changed the file with Notepad++ and the file imported no issues and the error was resolved.
    I noticed sage reads the files similar to how a csv file is read. Knowing this I can better fix customer issues. Thanks for this thread.

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