Do you need to extract a single company to a new, clean database to pass to a client?

The below needs some understanding of where [email protected] stores its data.

  • Make a backup of your current database
  • In explorer type %appdata% in the address bar, then open the folder “easyFileEmployer.0612E4541602589CA8807A3EA214FDF182FEF49D.1”
  • You’ll see a folder called “Local Store”
  • Rename this folder to “Local Store xyz”
  • Open [email protected], it will think it is the first time and ask for your 3 profiles, these profiles are for your client (Make note of the usernames/passwords)
  • Do not add any new companies to this profile
  • Click Utilities>Merge Easyfile DB
  • Navigate to the “Local Store xyz” folder that you created earlier
  • Select the PAYE number for the company that you need to export
  • Now if you change the employer in [email protected], there will only be one company, the one you merged and all EMP501 submissions and certificate history will be there
  • Make a backup of this database to send to your client
  • Restore your previous database
  • Make sure [email protected] is closed
  • Navigate back to Local Store, In explorer type %appdata% in the address bar, then open the folder “easyFileEmployer.0612E4541602589CA8807A3EA214FDF182FEF49D.1”
  • Delete “Local Store” and rename “Local Store xyz” to “Local Store”
  • Notes: If you can’t find the appdata folder, do the following
  • In any open file explorer folder, click file
  • Click Folder and search options
  • Click View, under “Hidden files and folders” – Make sure “show hidden files, folders and drives” is ticked, then click “Apply”
  • Now you should be able to see the appdata folder, If you want to get to your appdata folder quicker
  • Hold down the “Windows Key” on your keyboard and click “R” at the same time, in the “Run” block that pops up, type “%appdata%” without the quotes
  • This will take you directly to “C:\Users\[Your-User]\AppData\Roaming” – which is the folder that I explain how to get to above.
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