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Why choose a 2nd hand laptop over new

Here is why I recommend buying a 2nd hand business grade laptops over buying a new laptop in nearly every case.

If you have the budget, buy new and buy for your needs.

I believe in finding the right tool for the job, spanners can be used as hammers but they never work as well and will not last as long being misused.

  • OS: Business grade laptops mean Windows 10 Professional versus Home. I find the Pro version more stable and easier to troubleshoot.
  • BUILD QUALITY: Better build quality at a similar price – I can usually find a similar specced 2nd hand business machine at the same price as a new home grade machine
  • WARRANTY: Business grade laptops usually come with a 3 year NBD (Next Business Day) warranty of which usually about 2 years is left if I buy a 1 year old machine. Home machines mostly come with a carry in warranty which will leave you without your machine for up to 10 working days. [1 issue and you’ve lost any savings you made in buying cheap]

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