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My Useful Windows Software List

This is software I do or have used and found useful.

Very Common

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader – used to view PDF’s
  • Dropbox – cloud based syncing
  • Google Chrome – my web browser of choice
  • iTunes – manage you music, especially for iPhone, iPod
  • Spotify – music streaming
  • TeamViewer – Control, manage, monitor, and repair computers, mobile devices, network machines and more
  • VLC Media Player – my favourite movie player, plays nearly everything out the box
  • Skype – online messaging & video calling via your browser
  • WhatsApp – run it on your desktop, makes typing messages so much easier
  • Zoom – online video conferencing

Less Common

  • Adobe Air – a platform for building apps
  • AnyDesk – remote desktop software
  • Backup and Sync from Google – Upload and store files from any folder on your computer using your Google Drive storage, you can sync to any device
  • Bibliovore – Manage, organise and read your eBooks with Bibliovore. Share your books across various devices with OneDrive
  • Discord – cross platform chat app, can be run from your browser
  • FileZilla – FTP
  • Google Earth
  • Plex Media Server – serves media across your network
  • Samsung Magician – manage your Samsung SSD
  • ShareX – Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool
  • SyncBack free – brilliant & powerful backup software


  • Affinity Designer R800 – Vector design software at a fraction of CorelDraw’s price
  • CorelDraw


Tools for managing your system hardware

  • MSI Live Update
  • WD aka Western Digital- Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows, Acronis True Image WD Edition Software 2020 or Western Digital Dashboard


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