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SARS easyFile Employer Problems – Troubleshooting

This page is my reference and a free resource in which I’ve attempted to explain in the simplest way possible something that is rather complex. It is for those who want to do it on their own. If you can’t come right on your own, with these instructions as a guide, do not call me to explain how it works.
Don’t call me if you not prepared to pay, “quick questions” are never “quick”, as I need enough information to make an informed decision and that usually takes time.
I have not “saved” any tips or tricks. Absolutely everything I use to fix easyFile is somewhere on this page. Need help but don’t want to pay, then read carefully and post a question if you can’t find an answer or take a look at the easyFile facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/easyfile/

Want to say thank you for help, please post a review to any of the following sites

Are you tired of fighting with easyFile? Contact me on my cell 084 584 7268 to schedule a time to get it fixed. R650.00 (I am not VAT registered) for a guaranteed fix. No fix, no fee!

How to install easyfile 7.0.3

I personally prefer not to auto update. I’ve seen more issues with automatic updates, than a manual download and install. Make sure to always do a backup before you start.

Standard Simple Installation

First try an install without any of the tweaks below, download 7.0.3 and run it, make sure to let it install Java and when it asks, let it uninstall all other versions of Java already on your PC. If that does not work then try the next method.

Tweaked Installation if Simple Fails

  • Backup – always make sure you have decent backups
  • Make Internet Explorer your default browser
  • Disable your Anti-virus & Firewall – see below for instructions
  • Uninstall “ALL” current Java versions
  • Uninstall current easyfile version
  • Uninstall current Air version
  • Download 7.0.3: via DropboxGoogle Drive or SARS Direct Link – [17.02.2020]
  • Once downloaded right-click the filename & at the bottom select Unblock – if there is no Unblock move to the next step
  • Right click the “Setup_EMP_702_WIN.zip” file and Extract Files, from the extracted folder right-click “Setup Employer.exe” and click “Run as Administrator”
  • Let it install Java as well as Air
  • Re-enable your Anti-virus & Firewall and you should be good to go

I’ve had some issues with Kaspersky & Trend Micro blocking Java from running.

If you still can’t get it running, then your problem is more complex and I cannot assist without getting on your PC to troubleshoot what the issue may be.


Disabling the Firewall in Windows 10, 8, 7 and Server 2016 or 2019

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click System and Security link
  3. Click Windows Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall
  4. Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off
  5. Select the bubble next to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) in both the private and the public section.
  6. Click the OK button to save changes
  7. Remember to Turn On once you are done

Turning Windows Defender off in Windows 10

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Update & Security
  4. Click Windows Security
  5. Click Virus & threat protection
  6. Click Virus & threat protection settings
  7. Toggle off “Real-time protection

Uninstalling JAVA Versions

Try uninstalling all versions of Java before installing easyfile using the following tool – https://java.com/en/download/help/uninstall_java.xml

easyFile Newsletter

The newsletter will be used to notify people of fixes, new releases or issues.

Are you having problems with installing SARS easyFile-employer to your Windows PC, here are some possible fixes, tip’s & tricks to try?

Please send me your fix, if you had an error and you managed to sort it out. I’ll post it for other people’s benefit.

“Not interested in wasting your time on trying to fix easyFile. I can fix it for you, so you can get on with what is important to you.
I’ve seen too many people waste loads of time and still not come right.” Details at the bottom of the page

ActiveX Internet Explorer Issues – don’t use lightly

If you find your easyfile.dbz is not opening, it may be an issue with Internet Explorer blocking Java from running. You can test this by opening Internet Explorer and typing the following address in your address bar https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp?detect=jre, you will need to authorise the java for it to run.

This might resolve your issue or you may have to dig a little deeper.

This command may need to be run from an elevated command prompt.

REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Ext" /v VersionCheckEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

More radically - not too be used without understanding
REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Ext" /v VersionCheckEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\VersionManager" /v DownloadVersionList /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Safety\ActiveXFiltering" /v IsEnabled /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy" /v EnableJavaUpdate /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy" /v NotifyDownload /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy" /v UpdateSchedule /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy" /v UpdateMin /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy" /v UpdAvailNotifyCnt /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
REG DELETE "HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v SunJavaUpdateSched /f
del "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\VersionManager\versionlist.xml"

EMP201 or EMP501 hangs at 0% error

Disconnect your internet connection. You can do this by removing your network cable or turning off your wireless.
Now start easyFile, open your company and go to the Notification Centre, it will give you an error.
Now reconnect your internet, it will ask to download the EMP 501, click OK

I’ve often heard people say “easyFile is not easy!” and that people prefer to do EMP 201 entries in eFiling.

Please be aware that it is from past feedback, that I am able to give assistance, so please let me know if you come right and what you found the issue was.

Ensure that you have backed up your data before attempting any of the following troubleshooting tips.

EMP501 Declaration not displaying

Your EMP501.swf might be corrupt. Exit easyFile, find the EMP501.swf [The file is in your easyFile folder under FlexForms.], delete it and then re-start easyFile, it will install a new copy. If you are still having problems, clear your Temporary files. Google it for your Operating System.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK – Download the EMPfiles.zip, unzip to an EMPfiles folder on your Desktop & then double-click the EMPfilecopy.bat file to run. It should copy the 2 correct EMP501.swf and EMP201.swf to your FlexForms folder. [EMPfiles is case sensitive]

User’s and Passwords

Please keep these in a safe place, you will not be able to access your data if you lose your login details.
Passwords require Upper and lower case as well as a number and special character. Just don’t use “&
Make sure to add a hint, it might come in really handy if you get stuck.

Forgotten your Password

You will always have an ADMIN user as it is an easyFile default. You can try open easyFile then put in your username, use ADMIN if in doubt and then click “Forgot Password?” and it will supply the hint you added when you first created the users.
Still stuck, click “Secure Reminder” this will ask you to login to Efiling and supply a password.

What is the latest version of easyFile

Which JAVA version should I have?

It no longer matters whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

I recommend running the latest 32-bit Java version which is currently

What versions of Adobe Reader and Air

I’ve tested up to

  • Adobe Air download here
  • Adobe Reader DC 19.021.20061, download here or here
  • Java

Connect if Disconnected

  • In Internet Options, under the security section turn off SSL 3.0 and turn on TLS 1.0
  • Go to Internet Options (Either through Control Panel or from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer). From here, click the connections tab and make sure that Never dial a connection is checked
  • Disconnect your internet connection. Now login to easyFile and open a company, enter the declaration screen and then reconnect your internet.

easyFile Employer – security certificate error

When trying to log into a taxpayer’s profile, you get the message

“Revocation information for the security certificate for the site is not available. Do you want to proceed, yes or no?”

To fix, do the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click the gear in the upper-right side of the page “Tools” or Alt+X, select “Internet options”
  • Choose the “Advanced” tab
  • Click “Reset”
  • Check the “Delete personal settings” box and click “Reset” to finish

Fix for EMP201 hangs or gets stuck on 100% whilst updating

Thanks to Ryjin: Had endless issues with the EMP 201 update. It stayed stuck on 100% and would NOT let me into easyFile. Best way to get around this is to: logon without an internet connection. Enter the declaration screen and then reconnect your internet!! This will update accordingly and you will finally be able to work!! Yay!!

This can also be a permissions issue, you need to make sure EMP201.swf is writable, it is in the \Local Store\FlexForms folder. Look below for more information on the sata store location for the different versions of Windows.

Setting up easyFile EMP201 to work with eFiling

In order to make use of the EMP201 function on easyFile™ Employer, you need to ensure that your EMP201 is registered and activated on your eFiling profile. You also need to make sure your user rights are set up correctly so that you can submit and pay your EMP201 using easyFile™ Employer. You must synchronise your easyFile Employer information with your SARS eFiling website profile. Once your SARS eFiling profile is setup, and the relevant EMP201 reference number activated, synchronise the software.

Does your PC have multiple drives or partitions?

Ensure that you install to the C:\ drive, huh, yeah! you heard me. You need to ensure that you install SARS easyFile Employer AND Java to your C:\ drive. [This will only show up on PC’s with multiple drives or drive partitions.] You can do this by selecting the Advanced checkbox when installing Java, and selecting your install location when prompted.

Windows 7, easyFile database location

The EasyFile.dbz database is stored in “C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\easyFileEmployer.???\Local Store\”
The ??? is a unique number string for your PC.

Windows 8, 8.1 & 10, easyfile database location

Folder is C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\easyFileEmployer.???\Local Store\
The ??? is a unique number string for your PC.

Easyfile login issues

You won’t believe it – your efiling password can use an ‘&’ but easyFile doesn’t like it. So eFiling is fine with the ‘&’ sign but not easyFile. The staff at SARS helpline (0860-12-12-18) directed me to click on “secure reminder”. Use your SARS efiling login name and password. Their system then generated a password that worked.

General info

Different Errors

Adobe Air Installation Issues

Having problems with your machine saying you need Administrator permissions to install Adobe Air. Got to the following page, download the Microsoft Fix and run it, select the appropriate responses and then try install again.

Full story – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe” – ignoreExpiredCertificateTimestamp

Additional Information

Final Straw – Reached the end of your tether – I can help fix easyfile

  • Have you read through the whole thread and still can’t get easyfile working?
  • or just can’t be bothered wasting your time

I offer a guaranteed service to get easyfile up and running for R650 or [R1300 after hours] (I’m not a VAT vendor). Payment due on completion of repair.

It takes me from 15 min to 2 hours to get easyfile working.

Here’s how I work

  1. Call or email me to explain your issue and arrange a time to repair. I prefer a phone call as I can run through questions to get a clearer picture of the issue.
  2. If you have TeamViewer installed, skip to step 3, to get TeamViewer.com, click the green “Download TeamViewer” button. Install the software making sure you select “for personal use”.
  3. Send me the TeamViewer ID and password, the password changes each time you reboot so only send 30 minutes before the scheduled repair time. You can give me these details via phone, email, sms or WhatsApp.
  4. I’ll get onto your PC and get easyfile to the point where you can open your files.
  5. You send me your billing details
  6. I’ll send you an invoice
  7. You pay
    I have a 95% success rate. Mainly because I don’t give up until it’s fixed. The most hassle I’ve had was with a Mac running Windows 7 under Parallel’s and the database backup turned out to be corrupted.

242 thoughts on “SARS easyFile Employer Problems – Troubleshooting”

  1. Had endless issues with the EMP 201 update. it stayed stuck on 100% and would NOT let me in to Easyfile. Best way to get around this is to : logon without an internet connection. enter the declaration screen and then reconnect your internet!! this will update accordingly and you will finally be able to work!! yay!!

  2. I have the exact same problem as Paresh above, but I don’t see a solution given.
    After inputting the user and password to log into Easyfile, a message comes up stating “no updates” and then a 2nd message stating that an EMP201 update is required. There is no option but to say Yes to the update – it processes the update then just sits at “100% processing”. Nothing further happens except a 1 min warning about a timeout?????? To get out of this screen, I had to End the Task through Task Manager.
    Please does anyone out there have a solution for this – I am getting desperate. Thanks in advance….

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Ryjin’s solution above worked!!!
    Had endless issues with the EMP 201 update. It stayed stuck on 100% and would NOT let me in to Easyfile. Best way to get around this is to: logon without an internet connection. Enter the declaration screen and then reconnect your internet!! This will update accordingly and you will finally be able to work!! Yay!!

  4. Followed Ryijn’s fix to get back onto EasyFile and avoid the “hanging” – thank you. However, after doing all the capturing I am unable to print certificates or EMP501 – any ideas on why? Desperate return has to be in tomorrow – and have already spent about 4 hours on the phone with SARS and 4 hours in the SARS office with the first problem which your site helped to me to fix.

  5. Thank you for all the info on the page, this saved my day, I was so frustrated after weeks of struggling like all the SARS “victims” above. I would have give n up if I did not come across this page with all the hints & tips received.
    Once again this proves that SARS is hopeless and their systems do not ‘sync’, creating unnecessary work and waste of time for all taxpayers who wish to submit and pay on time.

    Thank you for a very useful site.

  6. Since 29 October I had to work offline because Easy File couldn’t connect even though my internet was working with everything else. Every time I try to submit to SARS I got the “you are not connected to the internet message” SARS recommended installing JAVA version 6 update 45 but I couldn’t because it expired as soon as new versions came available. From 31 October my easy file goes into a continuous loop until it times out.

  7. URGENT HELP NEEDED. I have the latest version of Easyfile, Java, and Adobe. I have also downloaded Java (32 bit). When I try to log in I enter my user name and password and push login and then nothing. It just hangs and then eventually times out. PLEASE HELP. Urgently need to do my IRP5’s

  8. I have the latest version of Easyfile, Java, and Adobe. I have also downloaded Java (32 bit). When I try to log in I enter my user name and password and push login and then nothing. It just hangs and then eventually times out. Please help

  9. I also have a problem with the update. I have tried everything – I have uninstalled and reinstalled the easyfile program, java (many versions, many times). The program opens as for a new installation and I enter all the required user names and passwords and on the last screen when you click on Login to Application, nothing happens. It either times out or I need to end task. I am running windows 7, 64-bit. I have done the virus software and firewall thing aswell. Please, I need some help with this.

  10. Hi there, judging by all the comments, I hope I am not wasting my time trying to update/install easyfile. It has downloaded, (new version) < I log in with my username and password as I initially set it up, (but never used), and says incorrect. Then I try "secure " thingy and I log in with efiling and it gives me an "ADMIN" password, containing an @
    I type in this password and it says incorrect username . help help

  11. Hi Nadia, have you previously used easyfile, do you have a previous username and password? If you have used easyfile before you should use the same username when you install the newer version.

  12. I have latest version of Easyfile, Adobe, Air, etc and have restarted computer. I get the logon screen, and I type in my particulars and then it just hangs. Eventually times out then due to inactivity. Any suggestions

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Downloaded the 64 bit java via the link you posted and its working. you are a genius!!

  14. Thanks for letting me know you managed to get your system sorted. I created the post to try assist people struggling with SARS ineptitude and I get a kick out of people sorting their easyfile out.

  15. The little clock was just going around then times out. Also can’t restore a backup with a error code 3003.
    THANKS A MILL Grant and Jeanette. Used the Java version and started working. Finally can get some work done now after a lot of frustrations. Take Care. Ridwaan

  16. Hello!
    I just want to thank you for this post!! Maybe one day SARS will get with the times and use the newest version of Java!
    But thanks to you I can now go on with my life!

  17. Thanks for all the comments above – its definitely started to get me on the right path….
    I have Windows 8.1 64 bit – uninstalled everything, re-installed again with the firewall and anti-virus off as recommended and Java 6 and worked like a charm.
    Logged in, no problem, installed update and restored backup which restarted the program and that was the last login…..
    Any login that I put in is said to be incorrect, I have tried old ones, new one (when I managed to log in the first time it would not allow me to use my old password again) and admin to no avail…. Please help!

  18. I had the same problem with logging in as every one above. The Java 1.6.43 and 1.6.45 did not work on my computer, 1.6.41 opened my easyfile but said I was not connected. I had to download Java 7. I got the following on the efiling website:

    [email protected]™ Employer gets stuck on the “processing” message after start-up or logging in, how do I fix this?

    When opening [email protected]™ Employer, JAVA is used to decrypt the protected database to allow access once the user verifies their login name and password.

    Due to the recent JAVA updates, older versions of the JAVA runtime seems to be uninstalled with the latest updates for JAVA 8.

    This is affecting users of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems (OS).

    If [email protected]™ Employer gets stuck on the “processing” message at start-up or after logging in, JAVA couldn’t successfully perform the decryption process. It’s also possible the incorrect versions could result in error messages (e.g. typical errors #3003 and #3004).

    To restore access, download JAVA runtime version 7 directly from https://java.com/en/download/manual_java7.jsp.

    Please note: It’s possible to run different versions of JAVA at the same time, should you need JAVA 8 for other applications.

    Make sure you select the correct version for your Windows OS, e.g. 32-bit or 64-bit.

    You can check your OS by:

    •Opening My Computer
    •Right click on Computer
    •Select Properties.

    After I downloaded this Java version 7 my easyfiling is working, I just had to put in my passwords and restore my backup (go to utility – database- restore)

  19. I’ve been having problems with easy file and have been downloading all different versions of Java as I was suggested to do. Phoning the call centre does not help. Going into the centre is a nightmare. Can SARS find a better option as small to medium companys and their employees are penalized.

  20. Just wanted to say thanks! Progress indicator just kept spinning and couldn’t log in. Had recently updated Java. Had to uninstall all Java, and install 64bit version as suggested. Worked great.

  21. I had to upgrade my Easyfile. First didn’t want to but then ‘downgraded’ my Java version as Grant suggested. I now could backup date and updated the new version 100% and also updated EMP201 . It then goes out of the programme which is correct. When I re-open Easyfile to start working in it, it again says I need an update but I already did it. I cannot seem to get past this problem now and working in circles. I rebooted my computer and all…. No luck. Any solution?

  22. I have the latest version of [email protected] 6.6.2. I have my EMP501 ready for submission, but unable to view it on the declaration screen or the submission screen. The message comes up ‘There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found’.
    I have Adobe XI Version 11.0.10. Does anyone else have this problem?

  23. Hi,
    I recently had a virus attack my machine lost [email protected] I had to reinstall and now trying to restore my backup. How long should this take? Mine is taking forever. I have java 7. Any tips?

  24. Christine Raulstone

    Thanks so much….I could not log in all it would do would the timer would show. So I followed your suggestions.

    I was on Java 8 no 40
    I then uninstalled and installed 7 45 which did not work then tried Java 6 45 and hey presto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked…..

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I can’t open or view my certificates.. IRP5’s nor my EMP 501 declaration. the error message file not found.. I have phoned SARS too many times, no luck I was told use JAva 8 not 7! I did uninstall and install now it wont open after login.. Downloaded 7 again now have 7 and 8. opens after login but again adobe reader message comes up file not found… I am at the end of my patience.. what do I do????

  26. I have been trying to access Easyfile for a few days now and upon opening the program (before being prompted for login name and password) a message comes up stating that my login credentials have become corrupt and need to be regenerated, but there is no indication how this must be done.

    Calls to the contact centre are useless. They simply say they’re aware that some users are experiencing this problem and the technicians are working on it.

    Any ideas as to how this problem is fixed? Many thanks…

  27. Finally, after many uninstalls of Adobe Air, Java and Easyfile, PC re-starts, AV and firewall disables, then re-installs etc etc….
    I did a separate Java 6u45 64bit download and install and now it works……
    Why does the Easyfile 662 setup.exe not do a workable Java installation when I had uninstalled all previous Java versions? Despite me being told by the SARS contact centre that it would?

  28. Please help, i am also struggling with the pre-validation error of the bank account type not valid. We have uninstalled and re-installed even setup the company from the start and redid all the IRP5s. Still shows the same error. Is there someone who can assist

  29. Thanks for the info about Error #3138. Who’d have thought to go to the notification centre!! I’ve been battling for two days to change between companies – does all of them except the one I need! In the same way that I dread a visit to SARS, the electricity department and CIPC, I also dread having to use Easyfile!

  30. I update the latest version of easy file and backup the previous on my desk top

    I am unable to get into the easy file – I did put in my login details and the password. The clock is only running and the file is not opening..

    Can you pleas help me?

  31. It doesn’t because they expect a 32 bit system, so when their version of Java is installed it installs to c:\Program Files (x86) on a 64 bit system and then easyfile looks in c:\Program Files for java and can’t find it. So when you install the 64-bit version it installs to the location that easyfile is looking for.

  32. Hi

    Please help!!!! I have uninstalled and re-installed Java, Adobe Air, Easy File like 30 times and I still can’t get it working. When I try open easy file, the login screen doesn’t appear and then it just hangs. If I try go into it just desperate to recapture everything AGAIN, the drop down lists don’t appear and when I try save what I have just done it doesn’t save.

    Please let me know how much you charge and how you can go about fixing this.

    many thanks


  33. Hello. I am trying to submit EMP501. I have 10 clients to submit for that has ETI values. These ETI values were utilised by deducting the amount from the amount payable. When completing the second screen on declaration, the ETI utilised column is not saved by Easyfile. Sars technical called me after about 2 weeks from logging a call, and declares that my problem lies with my database, and not Easyfile. Any advise on how to fix something like this? Thanks

  34. Hi, Has anyone encountered Error #2037 when trying to restore DB? I open exe and see only the little clock image, although the cursor still works. Try and restore….error #2037

  35. Error #2037 is the same issue….Java. I downloaded the SARS recommended version – 7 and all was well. (My PC is 64Bit) . Thanks Grant

  36. I have the latest version of [email protected] 6.6.2. I have my EMP501 ready for submission, but unable to view it on the declaration screen or the submission screen. The message comes up ‘There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found’.
    Iave Adobe XI Version 11.0.10. Does anyone have a solution? I have Java 6 and 7 installed.

  37. I deleted old version of easyfile and installed new version because I couldn’t get it to just update, but it won’t let me log in at all. If I try to close it, it also hangs, I have to close via task manager. Do you know if it is a SARS problem or can you fix it – I have 36 payrolls to submit and have to start working!

  38. Have had same problems. Have reloaded JAVA 6 as per your suggestion and walla it worked. Thanks for your assistance and all the work you did to help a lot of frustrated users.

  39. I have the latest version of [email protected] 6.6.2. I am ready for submission, but unable to view the IRP5’s and the EMP501. The message comes up ‘There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found’. Our IT guys installed all the latest versions of everything but the same message pops us. Can any one give advise on how to fix it?

  40. Have anyone encountered error code 3123. When I select the client to open and click on continue, I get the following message
    [email protected] could not change to the selected employer

    Error #3123

  41. Please Help!!!!! I don’t know what more too do! I am on version 6.6.2 and as soon as I entered all the information and went through all the steps and go to Submit to SARS (to submit my EMP 501), it gives me an error saying I should look under Utilities, Pre-submission Validation Report for what is wrong. When I click on Pre-submission Validation Report the client does not appear on the list, none of my clients that I do for 2015/02 appear. So I cannot see what the issue is as to why it does not want to go through. What am I doing wrong? Please can you help me.

  42. I responded
    Try this post to see if it helps
    she then responded
    Yes and no haha. What I did was re-entered the employer details and then it went through. However I have issues with the client I did after that, it does the same and I did re-enter the employer details, but it just does not want to go through. I basically gave up on that and just left it for now.

  43. Not sure why efiling does not sync. Another possible solution is to go to c:\Users\(User that you log in with)\AppData\Roaming\easyFileEmployer.0612E454160 2589CA8807A3EA214FDF182FEF49D.1\Local Store\ inside this folder you will see a file that states (PAYENUMBER).db-journal as well as the file (PAYENUMBER).dbz if you delete the one with the -journal or cut it from the local store folder and paste it on your desktop, open [email protected] and you should then be able to select the company you are wanting to use.

  44. Hi Grant,

    Thanks for your reply, I followed all your instructions but in the local store file, I only have (PAYENUMBER).dbz files and I do not have (PAYENUMBER).db-journal files……Please help me……

  45. Hi, when I login to Easyfile and have to select the company only the PAYE number appears with no description. When I then select a company \i get an error code 3138 and a message unable to change to company. I suspect it cant open the database file. What happens if the keyfile gets corrupted. I tried SARS and they keep saying its Java- I re-installed everything and ran numerous restores. This machine also had a virus in March???Is there a way in recreating the key to open the databases?

  46. Hi, after many hours of battling with this issue the following worked for me:

    My Easyfile allowed me to do my EMP 501 recon., but I could not submit due the application being ‘disconnected’.

    I went into Internet Explorer and went into Internet options and clicked on Advanced. Then under the security section turned off SSL 3.0 and turned on TLS 1.0. BTW, I am working on an Windows XP, sp2.

    Hope this helps.

  47. The emp501 generated does not pick up the eti utilised that appears on the submitted declaration on easyfile. As a result of this, sars have now raised interest and penalties – SARS call this revised ETI or eti revised. Please assist

  48. I can’t seem to submit my EMP501. It keeps saying that my Contact person information is missing. This has been changed and saved with all fields completed. Can anyone assist please?

  49. Hi
    Can easyfile only be installed on a windows machine?
    My laptop is a Mac and I can’t seem to find a download on the SARS site… is this wishful thinking?

  50. I installed easyfile 6.6.3 on Windows 7 32bit. I uninstalled all versions of Java and installed Java 6 (45). When I open easyfile, I enter usernames for Admin, User1 and User2. I cannot get past this screen. I can only go back and cancel, so I cannot get into the application, please assist!

  51. As soon as I try to “view certificate” I get an error. “Enu Adobe Pdf” with the alert sign! Can anybody help??

  52. I was wondering how do i turn on my easy-file from disconnected to connected so that I may submit my emp 501’s

  53. I hope somebody can help me. When I try to submit a EMP501 to SARS, I get a “failed preliminary data integrity checks” message telling me that the Employer SIC7 Code invalid – Code 2082 and Employer Bank Account Type invalid. Both these fields are correct on the employer admin page.

  54. I am desperately trying to download easy file. It asked for a Java update which it did. I uninstalled old Java downloads as well.
    When i open up Easyfile is does not ask me for username or password, it only has a small clock running in circles.
    I then uninstalled Easyfile and reinstalled and the same applies.
    I have Windows 8 and the Java running is 8.51.

    Please help, I have wasted hours trying everything.

  55. Thanks for the suggestions. Got so that I can login and load info. But get a pdf error everytime I try to print anything. Working on a windows 7 pro 64 bit computer.
    Have the latest adobe loaded.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  56. Hi Grant,

    Thank you so much, i was stuck on the login screen. Was really at the point where i wanted to hunt down their IT developers and slaughter them.

    You saved their lives, thank you 🙂

  57. Hi Grant, I purchased a new Dell and had a clean install of Windows 10 done. Loaded [email protected] and could not get it to work. Went through the above tips and downloaded Java RE 64-bit and so far it seems that I’m up and running perfectly. Many thanks for your advice.

  58. I hope somebody can help me. I am try to submit my companies EMP501 to SARS, I get a “failed preliminary data integrity checks” message telling me that the Employer SIC7 Code invalid – Code 2082 and Employer Bank Account Type invalid – this for both my companies. Both these fields are correct on the employer admin page. Can anyone tell me why and how to fox it?

  59. If I want to print an old or new IRP5 it says “file not found.”
    I have updated adobe. I did complete 1 IRP5 for this year and i could not print it. So i tried last years one to print and same thing. “file not found” Please help.

  60. Thank You very much Grant.
    Getting support from SARS is like banging your head against the wall, painful and pointless.
    Your thread is detailed and helpful. People like you are an asset to IT support people everywhere.
    If have solved 2 difficult problems with your help.

  61. Hi, could someone possibly assist? How do I delete an employer from my easyfile database? I have 3 employers where when I open them I get the following error “Easyfile could not change to the selected employer. Error #3123

  62. Help Please.

    I had to help a friend with the submission of the 2015/08 Recons. All the processes completed 100%. However there are no update and when logging into SARS E-Filing checking on PAYE dashboard if the recon was received they say they haven’t received it.

    Tried to do a full resubmission….just tells me that I have already submitted.

  63. Help Please,

    I have a HP Intel Celeron – 8.1 SL 64bit Laptop,

    I have installed the easyfile onto the laptop as well as the recommended installs on your forum,

    Once downloaded it goes straight onto the easyfile page, doesn’t allow me to login as it states im already logged in,

    no data has been backed up, and all tabs on the left are greyed out and unable to be selected, the other issue is I cannot see any companies.

    Please advise any possible fixes,

    many thanks
    Acumen Accounting,

  64. Hi,

    I hope someone can help me…

    I have done our 2015/08 EMP501 reconciliation but when I try to submit I get the following error:
    (PAYENUMBER)201608000000S0000011 GREYLING : Not enough values for code 7006 expecting 6 got 0.

    I went back to the employee and checked the ETI data and all 6 months does have amounts for the Remuneration, Minimum wage and ETI calculated fields.

    How do I fix this, or am I doing something wrong?

    Please help!

    Thank you,


  65. @ Colleen

    I’ve been absolutely hacking to get Easyfile working but your tip (and Grants from above) of installing Java RE 64-bit has done the trick.

    I’m running Windows 7 64bit on a parallel on my Mac

  66. I am ready to submit to Sars – but get an error – “Secure Login – An error occured.” Please try this operation again. If not successful contact Sars “. I have phoned SARS and they have forwarded my problem to their technical department – is this a common problem or something wrong with my computer? Thanks so much.

  67. I have two employers on my easyfile profile. The same on efiling…. however, I was only able to submit one’s EMP501. When I want to submit the other, I get “error” : User not Activated. (I cannot syncronise the employer either…)

    What is the problem?

  68. I just completed an Employers manual IRP5s and Declaration but it wasn’t pulling through the UIF & SDL from the IRP5s on the Self Assess (which happens sometimes) so I logged out of Easyfile and when I logged back in, I had to setup the User name and passwords again? Now there is no companies listed on the directory screen (database)? I have synchronized and although it ran through all the companies I had on Easyfile, the directory is blank? I have looked under Application Data/easyFileEmployer…../local store and it created a new DoNotDelete folder but all the db files for each company are all gone? What happened? I have tried for an 1.5 hr trying different things but given up now – I have restored backup & will start again & have lost another submission in between backups…. how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

  69. Hi i have add my employer but when i want to save it says employer NOT registered, error ID is 3115, what does this mean?

  70. I have an update problem with easyfile. I did my EMP501 three days ago but it still has not updated. Before that problem there was an issue doing my declaration it didn’t want to complete it saying I have outstanding updates. Finally got to do the submission now it won’t update. Called Sars they say no problems with the system. I have check and have all the updated programs. Not sure what to do now.

  71. Good Afternoon,

    you helped me once previously and I am turning to you again. My issue this time around is on the ETI Declaration page – the “carried forward” fields are not being populated. This is a system-generated process based on the ETI amount calculated and utilised in the previous month. I have visited the SARS offices on numerous occasions. I finally got hold of the EFiling person (who only visits the branches every second week for 2 hours). He asked that I email my database to him , which I did. Having not received any feedback from him, I went into the SARS branch today only to be told that he is no longer consulting to SARS (!!!!!!!!) I hope you can help me and thank you in anticipation 🙂

  72. Why am I not able to edit an employer’s PAYE number on easyfile? I initially loaded the employer with the PAYE ref 0000000000, as the ref no was not yet available due to registration still pending.
    The PAYE ref no field is no longer active now I can’t change the zero’s to the correct number.
    Do I have to reload the employer and is there a function where I can delete the incorrect employer from my easyfile profile?

  73. Good Day, I have just completed the 201602 reconciliation, but for the employees who have ETI’s it gives me the following error:
    PAYE number201602000000S0000022 : GROBBELAAR: Not enough values for code 7006 expecting 12 got 0

    Can someone please assist?

  74. I have struggled for a week trying to get my [email protected] to work on my new laptop. Thanks to your advice on Java etc. above its all up and working again. Thanks for the walk through – a great help!

  75. Hi Juanita, you can. Make a backup before you start, you need to know the company number. You can then go into the local store for Easyfile, you can find this by typing %appdata$ into your explorer browser address bar, then go into the Easyfile+long number folder and into Local Store, find the company number .dbz file and delete.

  76. Thank you so very much!! Your help guide was an absolute lifesaver, the Ninite file download resolved my issues & I was able to get things going.

  77. Hi Grant,

    Do you know if there is a way to export a flat file (.csv format probably) from the easyfile database? We manually load around 700 certificates through the year for once of freelancers, and it will be easier to do a final check on a spreadsheet, rather than easyfile.


  78. I am ready to submit my EMP501 through [email protected] (after days and hours of total frustration!!) The problem is the ETI calculation. I do not want to submit as is because I will probably lose out on about R140 000. (called SARS – the guy didn’t even know what ETI was and wasn’t even on the correct version!!!!) Does anyone know anything about what to do with ETI? How do I deal with this? It is all to do with the brought forward amounts.

  79. I have a major problem. I did my 2016/02 submissions and submitted all the info to SARS. I did a backup on my laptop. Long story short, my laptop packed in as well as my backups. I have an old backup from my 2015/08 submission which i am able to restore onto the new computer. Is there a way that i am able to get all the info that was submitted to SARS for my 201602 submissions back into my easyfile program? My thing is all the IRP5’s that I need to print and give my employees.

  80. Hi, unless the hard drive failed, you can take the drive out your old machine and recover the data with minimal fuss. Can anyone explain what data you would recover from a sync with SARS?

  81. Hi there Grant

    We have an issue where the imported payroll file’s values are not being populated in the declaration for the total value fields. Do you perhaps know why this would be? I have tried each of the suggested Java versions and none seem to solve this.

    Many thanks!


  82. If SARS wants me to do IRP5 certificates, why do they make it so difficult??
    Every year there is a problem and it just drives me nuts

  83. Afternoon,

    Please help, when I go into Declaration, and do a Refresh, my August 2016 Declaration is not appearing. (When I print a Statement of Account it shows as well as the payment). I have tried putting it in manually but when I go to submission its not there. When I go to PAYE Dashboard it says that I must submit my EMP501 return together with copies of Tax Certs. Just sat 2 days with Pastel to import IRP5/ITA3 Certs and now they are imported and passed.
    Am I missing something ?

  84. I have finally managed to get this stupid unreliable program to work, only to find that my database does not even want to restore. Even if I copy and paste my database in the local store on the C:\. What do I do now, short of going to a branch? I have 52 companies to submit with 195 000 irp5’s, any advice anyone?

  85. Thanks for this fix for Version 6.7.4! I battled to install it over and over – then did a Windows 10 update, thinking that was the problem and when that didn’t help, turned to Google. The link to this page was fourth in the Google Search result, but the first one I clicked, and did exactly what you suggested, and voila! My submission is done!

  86. Thank you for the much valued information on your web page, assisting me with updating to Easyfile 6.7.4. After struggling for 5hrs yesterday afternoon I eventually googled to see is anyone was experiencing the same difficulty in updating the software and come across your site. This morning an arriving at work I immediately tried your recommendations and within the hour I was up and running and submitted my 201702 return to SARS.

    Thank you very much for sharing the information

  87. Thank you so much for info to update to the latest version – this really helped me a great deal. Much appreciated!

  88. Rochelle Hamberger

    I could not update my Easyfile to version 6.7.4 so was advised to uninstall it and download it again. This has worked but now I need to restore my backup. I have tried this through utilities and restore but nothing happens. What do I do now?

  89. Hi Rochelle, you might still have an older version of Java installed that is causing issues. If you don’t use FNB, Standard Bank or any other software that needs the latest java, you just need or any newer version of 1.7
    If you use FNB or Standard Bank – you’ll need or whichever is the latest Java – just watch when you install the latest that it doesn’t delete the old version.

  90. I can only echo Avril’s comment: “Friggin amazing, thank you so much”!
    I found you on Google after battling for a while to get [email protected] 6.7.4 to install (in August last year we were on 6.7.2, but obviously that’s not good enough anymore).
    I tried all the tricks I know to get around the problems. The [email protected] self-updater just doesn’t work; so I tried downloading the latest version directly from SARS (which is a very obscure process, as it’s always been, and you have to type in your ID details AGAIN EVERY TIME). Then the installation blocked on Java, and then on Adobe Air, and finally I got an Adobe Air “certificate error”, which just stumped me: not even the Adobe help site could help me there!
    After following your advice, the magic trick that finally worked was that you have to UNINSTALL [email protected] ITSELF, BEFORE upgrading. WTF?! We all know that SARS is going backwards (who else requires you to DOWNGRADE your Java or Adobe Air before their apps will run?), but it is ridiculous to expect the user to uninstall the existing version of their program before installing the latest version: the updater should handle that by itself, like every other modern App or program!
    Thanks again, and I hope that soon SARS will be paying you big fees for helping them with customer service – instead of paying big fees to lawyers to defend forensic investigations against themselves…

  91. Hi I have followed all your procedures. I can go into easyfile but when I want to view my declaration I can not view it. It only shows the following at the top File, Save, Print & Close and the background of the screen is faint so I can still see the main menu at the right. If I click on File, Save and Print nothing happens. When I click on Close it closes. I have no idea what to do any further. Do you have any idea what can cause this?

  92. Hi,

    I have just had to unistall my easyfile and reinstall it. I uploaded my IRP5 and IT3 Disks successfully. Now my problem is that under reconciliations – Declarations, I cant view my EMP501, it goes grey and freezes. It shows File – Save – Print – Close options and only the close option works. which dosent help me at all. Anyone with the same problems?

  93. Hi I’m struggling to get my payroll 2017 data into easyfie. The import works perfectly but no 2017 data available under the employee screen?

  94. Grant
    Hope you can help
    I have downloaded both Java and Adobe air versions as you recommended.
    Latest Easyfile software installed.
    But I can’t manage to import the CSV file that I created in Pastel Payroll
    I doesn’t even show in the Import Payroll file log
    I also can’t restore a previous back-up

  95. I am battling to generate the irp5 certificates – I tick the box and then view but nothing comes up – either a black or white screen only

  96. Grant, thanks so much for your site!! I had the same problem as Charlotte above, but uninstalling Java, Adobe Air and the previous version worked like a bomb.

    Much appreciated

  97. When trying to restore to Easyfile 6.7.4 a backup made on 7 April 2017 with the previous version, I get the error message

    Unable to restore selected DB file

    The database decryption key is missing or invalid

  98. Hi,

    Not all certificates for my employees are appearing in the view/Edit Employees. Do I need to restore my backup?
    Also my txt file for 02.2017 won’t upload. What am I doing wrong?

  99. HI
    I have had a terrible time with the latest update , and have been unable to restore my previous backup and so have had to re load all my data manually. I have now got to the point of submit to SARS , but when I tick the appropriate box next to submit and then click submit on the top RH side, I get a ultra quick tab pop saying ” validating data” and then nothing happens…am almost at the end and cant finish. Do you have any suggestions please?

  100. Hi I am also battling to back up as per your instructions above…I get to the point where it asks me to select a folder, but then I dont get a confirmation that its backed up – as stated above , where I should click OK. How do I know that its backed up

  101. Hi Grant,

    I finally have version 6.7.4 up and running and my history appears as well. But I am still having an issue with importing my txt file to easyfile. It wont upload. Please help.

  102. Good day Grant
    Just wanted to thank you. Followed the steps above and was able to update to the new Easy File version with no issues.

  103. Good Day. I also have the same problem as User: Samantha. My Certificates is not showing under View/Edit Employees. It shows certificates there from 2012 and also not all my Employees are listed. This errors occurred after the new EasyFile update. If you log onto Utilities – all my EMP501’s and IRP5’s is listed. Just the employee details that went missing. Is there anyone who can assist?

  104. HI Grant

    I also experience since 21 April 2017 with the reconciliation screen which greyed out and only allow File Save Print and Close options. Please assist

    Thank you Kevin

  105. Hi Grant

    I have downloaded the lasts version of easyfile. Caputered all the details etc. When It came to do the declaration unable to do it. Cannot see the top of the page, its sort of lost at the top of my screen. Can capture the details but will not be able to save etc.

  106. the easyfile screen is way upon the main screen, need to get it down so I can save the files when I do the declaration. have tried everything

    please help

  107. I am havinf the same issue as Tracy. Dont know how yo resume snd each time i login. It wants me to setup the admin paswords.Hi I am also battling to back up as per your instructions above…I get to the point where it asks me to select a folder, but then I dont get a confirmation that its backed up – as stated above , where I should click OK. How do I know that its backed up

  108. Hi there

    For some reason I am unable to import a payroll file.

    It says it is imported, but when I go to the certificates- there aren’t there.

    Therefore they are not pulling through on my declaration either.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  109. When I need to submit my EMP501 message appears “-you need to be connected to complete the operation. – BUT – no option at bottom of screen either green/red light – just a blank Pls help

  110. Hi, I am also struggling with Declarations, I cant view my EMP501, it goes grey and freezes. It shows File – Save – Print – Close options and only the close option works. which dosent help me at all. Anyone with the same problems?

  111. After battling for about two hours, I came across your page. Uninstalled everything as you suggested and re-installed and all is working 100%. Just finished my submission. Thanks for your helping page (hand).

  112. Just thought I would add a tuppence worth, I uninstalled the old version and downloaded and installed the latest 6.7.4 (following all the prompts given), which then proceeded to not want to restore my database.
    I went and downloaded the latest version of Java which did not help.
    I tried manually importing the database to no avail as this caused where the programme to hang at login.
    I then decided that maybe it wasn’t picking up the new Java version, so I uninstalled easyfile again and proceeded to re-install the same downloaded file again.
    This time during the download, the installation said I didn’t have the correct version of Java installed!!!
    It then proceeded to install the correct version and now the system is working (to its usual level of kak-ness!)
    Hope this may help some of you with similar issues.

  113. I am getting an error – Invalid Value code for 6010 -after i have impeted the payroll file. Do you have nay idea what this error could be?

  114. I am holding my breath hoping you can help. My submission etc was all done fine, but now i need to export IRP5’s and i am unable to log in. I am using the correct details, and i even tried the “Secure Reminder”, which gives me the same password i’m using! I keep getting an error “[email protected] has detected that your login information does not match that of the local information”

  115. Hi. I was doing IRP5 reprints when Easyfile froze. I had to restart. Now I am getting Error 1009 ‘Easyfile could not change to the selected employer’ when trying to select specific employer. The other 2 employers in the database seems fine and does not give the same error.

  116. Thanks Grant, it took me 1 hour to follow your instructions and download the updated version 6.7.4 and it is working perfectly. Appreciate your help greatly.

  117. Hi there

    Please help..how can i save the details of my emp201 on efiling as i do it monthly.. I want the name surname phone nr etc to be there when i log in so i can just put the new totals in.. at the moment its empty so i have to put in the details everytime and its time consuming. Thanks hope you can help

    Kind Regards

  118. I’m getting a error 4582 when doing irp 5 with travel or car used by employee, what do I do wht 4582 please

  119. Hi there, please give me the steps to follow when doing the resubmission to easyfile for 2017. I’m so scared that I will recreate new IRP5 numbers etc………and I just need to resubmit due the the Easyfile stuff up.


    The updated version 6.7.5 of [email protected]™ Employer, recently implemented, addressed this problem. However, IRP5/IT3(a)s with any of the income codes mentioned above which were submitted to SARS prior to the implementation of this updated version of [email protected]™, should be re-submitted.

    You have been identified as one of the employers whose IRP5/IT3(a)s with codes 3701, 3702, 3802 and/or 3816, received by SARS, do not include code 4582 and its value. You are requested to re-submit your Employer Annual Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) and Employees Tax Certificates [IRP5/IT3(a)s] documents to SARS as soon as possible.
    • When you access the [email protected]™ software, you will be advised that an update is available and reminded to back up your database before updating to version 6.7.5.
    • Once the backup and updating processes have been completed, please perform a Full Resubmission from the Utilities menu on [email protected]™. This will correct IRP5/IT3(a)s received by SARS without code 4582 and its value. (There is no need to recapture any data but to merely resubmit the file you originally created.)
    It is important that you do your re-submission as soon as possible to prevent affected employees from receiving incorrect Income Tax Notices of Assessment when SARS process their ITR12s during the current Tax Season.

  121. Good day,

    Can you please assist. I have the new EasyFile version, 6.7.5. I had to restore from a backup. Now the companies list is blank.I copied the database files to the local store folder. Still, no companies appear in the list. Then I tried importing my payroll file to start from nothing, but then it says there is already a database. But there are no companies listed to choose from.

  122. hi there i am trying to submit my certificate in declaration but get stuck it asked me to login into Sars i do that but when i select file it get stuck

  123. Hi Grant, your website is great, thank you so much. I have trouble with IT registrations. I did a bundled IT reg in October ’16 and since then I have been unable to retrieve the registration numbers. Synchronisation works as I have received a AA88 letter, but no tax numbers. Do you have any ideas? Only the bundled batch doesn’t work. I have done single IT registrations since then without any problems. I also tried e-filing, but that states the particular employees are already registered. I am on version 675.44.0.

  124. Hi there – I am struggling to access [email protected] for dividends tax. We had registered a while ago and I am unable to remember the password. I have tried using the ADMIN (user name) , forgot password link but get the error message “no hint set up”. I am sure we did set 1 up as you can not proceed with registration without doing so. There is no ‘secure reminder’ button on [email protected] – dividends tax. I have contacted SARS with no luck. They have now informed me they think it is a technical issue and will log a case. Any suggestions you might have would be welcome.

  125. Hi Grant
    I had to reload easyfile. Now each time when I open easyfile it requests the Admin password twice and the 2 user names and passwords twice. I get access but when I try and restore my data from a backup on 8 Aug 2017 nothing uploads. When I close easyfile it gets stuck on “Closing Databases”.

    Please help.


  126. After several days of trying to update [email protected] I Removed it via Contol Panel and Installed afresh. I have now managed to get into Employee admin, but have the problem that in the field: Country of issue the pre existing option of South Africa (which is chosen from a drop down list) results in the message ” Country of Origin 3075 may not be ZAF”. I can find no way of moving on from the “Employee Details” section to the “add certificate” section, I have experimented with selecting an incorrect country choice, and then I am able to get all the way to being able to “save” the employee – but I obviously cannot use this as a resolution to my problem. On the subsequent, “Employee Details” tab, the same problem presents, but is solved by just re selecting “South Africa” from the drop down list .

  127. hi – why can’t we do old years bi-annual ( Aug ) submissions. Took clients over from other auditors and
    trying to catch up from the year 2011.

  128. I subsequently selected the option where ……. displayed instead of a country name. At this stage I am not aware of any backlash, and have submitted my return to SARS, apparently successfully.

  129. I have no problem with starting [email protected], but we have clients with ~100 employees, they sent us import files that doesn’t import because< after I opened the .txt files in excel and saved it as CSV, en import this, the system show a failed message. When I open the detail, it says " there may not be any character after the 9999 delimiter. Yet I can't find any such characters after said 9999 fields.

  130. I tried to submit bi-annual returns today and upload failed due to a miriade of error messages which gave me the impression there is a glitch or bug in the new updated software. Do you have any suggestions?

  131. Please help, I need to do our companies EMP501 submission and I downloaded easyfile, it’s working etc.

    – I am new at the company and the previous guy’s laptop crashed without him making an backup of easyfile, is there any way in which I can just continue?
    then also,
    – I am getting ‘failed’ msg when I try to upload my payroll file?(does the two issues have something to do with each other?)

  132. Please help!! I have installed the latest version of Easy file. I have merged my database, but when I go into Easy file my database is gone. This happened twice in 2 days.

  133. Good day, I am fed up. I dont know where my problem is. I export my IRP5 file from VIP, no errors, do the import in easyfile – it passes validation. Says ready to import – click Ok, it starts to import and then the import just fails at 40% – Import payroll file log shows no errors.
    Is my problem with easyfile or VIP??

  134. Yipee, managed to fix problem above . I deleted all apps.
    Reloaded the same version of Java and loaded Easyfile again.

    However new problem…. my last backup is dated 31/05/2017 .
    When I restore it only restores to 201608.
    What could have happened to 201702???

  135. Hi there, I resubmitted my 2017/02 year end due to the easyfile source code 4582 issue. My resubmission was successfull, but my employees says that SARS still cannot see the 4582 on their side? Should I have generated IRP5′ again AFTER getting the secure message, ‘Data successfully submitted to SARS”? Please help urgently

  136. Hi
    I tried to import a payroll file and every time I get the below error,
    How can I fix the problem?
    “Payroll File passed validations, but was marked as test data,”
    “to import data, please alter tag 2015 to live”

  137. Client asked me to his EMP201 for August and e-filing will not open the EMP501 keeps coming up with this message -“No prepop/uttm data found for reference number and period”. Yet there are EMP201 that have been submitted for these period. Anyone come across this problem. Call centre says its my computer but have now tried on 3 different computers with same problem. I did my companies EMP501 through E-filing earlier this month with no issues. Can someone help?

  138. Payroll file uploaded from Sage Payroll to Easyfile. Completed EMP501 recon, but when submitting it kicks out the following pre-submission validation failed with warning per employee certificate –
    ‘ETI only allowed when Certificate has ETI (3026) is Y – code 4118’
    How do I fix this?

  139. Anyone else experienced the problem that all IRP5’s showed as uploaded successfully on employer side, but SARS only picks up 25 certificates in stead off the expected 900? Our employees now don’t have IRP5’s generated when they want to do their tax return.
    If anyone had the same issue, how was it fixed?

  140. @Dorette yes! We have the same issue over and over. A couple of our clients are complaining that the employees can not submit their IRP5, SARS is saying that the employer haven’t submitted, BUT the EMP501 balanced, we generated the IRP5’s it is showing on eayfile submitted. We have resubmitted, did full re-submissions but still not getting any thing sorted. How do we fix this??

  141. I am doing a resubmission for 2016 on [email protected] and when I try to file my EMP501 declaration, I get the error “The ETI Calculated reported on the EMP501 does not balance with the IRP5/IT3(a) certificates. Please rectify the ETI calculated on the EMP501 or the applicable IRP5 /IT3(a) certificates”.

    The values captured on the ETI screen ties up with the values from our payroll system with the ETI calculated, and the amounts utilised ties up with the EMP201.

    I cannot find a way how to extract the values imported on [email protected], so I am unable to find what the problem could be?

  142. I had a similar error. After updating the pastel software, the eti calculations were corrected and the error cleared. The error you have may be related to the fact that you submit 2016.

  143. I captured manual lumpsum/onceoff IRP5’s and IT3A’s for the 201708 biannual submission.

    I am not preparing for the final 201802 final annual submission. How do I enable the manual certificates captured for 201708 be included in the 201802 submission. When I manually go into each certificate to edit the period the tax certificate number changes and I do not want this to happen. I need to original 201708 certificate submitted to be the same as that for 201802.

  144. Hi

    I have restored an easyfile backup and want to EXPORT a payroll file from easyfile, but get the following error message:

    “easyfile has no record of new or changed reference numbers for the selected companies as such no file will be generated”

    How can I export the payroll file that created the tax certificates on easyfile for a specific period and company?

    Any assistance/advice will be appreciated.

  145. Hi
    It is my first time creating IRP501 certificates for our church with 3 members. The EMP501 recon was saved for 2017 on easyfile but never submitted. When I export Payroll details from our Simple Pay system but I get an error that code 60010 cannot be zero

  146. I backed up my easyfile data on 8 Feb as there was an update. After the update when i tried to open easyfile there was no data. i had to reload users and passwords. I tried to retrieve my last backup and there was still no information. I then used a backup of last year and have info for 2017/02.
    Is there anyway i can get my 2017/06 data?

  147. Hi Amina
    Without getting on to your PC to take a look at your backups, I cannot really give any advice. My fee is for a fix so if I don’t manage to get your data back, no charge.

  148. Hi there. The synchronisation in EasyFile is not working. It says “waiting for response from server” but nothing happens. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  149. Good day Grant

    Please help. when we try login into Easyfile we get below error.
    Easyfile has detected that your login information does not match that of the local information and as such you will not be allowed to access Easyfile

    have you ever dealt with an error like this. we are still using the same logins we used the day before then next day we couldn’t login.

  150. Deonette Labuschagne

    Good day,
    Yesterday I did the update and submitted one of the many EMP501’s I need to submit. I printed the EMP501 and certificates and all was good. This morning I tried to login in and it said that I was new to easyfile and had to create the new login details. I made a backup before I did the update. I entered the same login details as before and tried to restore the backup but, it did not work. I am currently doing a merging database but I am worried and not sure what to do now.

  151. She had an old version of Java which somehow had become corrupted. Uninstalled all versions of Java, re-installed easyfile and finally added the latest Java for her banking and it’s 100%.

  152. Good day. I am trying to submit my easyfile but every time I get an error ITA20004 has occured.
    Can someone please assist me

  153. We are also getting this ITA2004 error when submitting. i have spoken to 5 people trying to get this sorted however now one can help (also, only 4 out of the 5 new about this error and that it actually exists)

    Error has been escalated and submitted to the technical department. 21 working days to wait now so hopefully it works again soon.

    Oh yea, also installed a OLD version of Java as per one of the dummies and obviously that also didn’t work.

  154. Please could you assist, I am trying to synchronise my easy file with SARS but i keep getting the following error when i try and sync
    We only have easy file on one machine so nobody else could be using it ?
    Have tried many many times but keep getting the same error message

  155. Please can anyone assist, we have have an issue on [email protected] when trying to submit the 201802,The Error reads: The ETI Calculated reported on the EMP501 does not balance with the IRP5/IT3(a) Certificates. Please rectify the ETI Calculated on the EMP501 or the applicable IRP5/IT3(a) Certificate. Does anyone know how to resolve this.

  156. Hi please can anyone assist I am trying to load a weekly payroll and monthly payroll from the same company onto EASYFILE
    and it takes only one of the files. It shows that both files have been imported.


  157. HI. Wonder if anyone can assist. I cannot open ITREGVER letter in notification centre. Error : “No results found, please synchronise to obtain results again”. Synchronising does not solve the problem.

  158. Hi,
    Please can anyone assit? I am opening a PAYE number but a different company’s name appear on the declaration.

  159. Bennie Dorfling

    I have the same problem as Johan above. Please can anyone assist, we have have an issue on [email protected] when trying to submit the 201802,The Error reads: The ETI Calculated reported on the EMP501 does not balance with the IRP5/IT3(a) Certificates. Please rectify the ETI Calculated on the EMP501 or the applicable IRP5/IT3(a) Certificate. Does anyone know how to resolve this. I added the amounts on the certificates and it is the same as the amounts on the EMP501

  160. Marietjie du Toit

    Hi, I am trying to refresh data in the EMP501 window. After logging in to Efiling a very long complicated error message appears which I am unable to decode. Endpoint…..”Duplicate HTTP-based FlexSession Error” etc etc.
    I have deleted all cookies and cleared the browsing history. The call center has escalated the problem. Do you have any suggestions?

  161. Java version was not old enough, Figures SARS. Downloaded Version 7 from Grants link. Only place I could get it from.

    Hats off to you buddy, Thanks.

  162. Hi, I am trying to refresh data in the EMP501 window. After logging in to Efiling a very long complicated error message appears which I am unable to decode. Endpoint…..”Duplicate HTTP-based FlexSession Error” etc etc.

    How do resolve this?

  163. Hi there.

    If I have multiple pay frequencies, how would I import this into easyfile? I have monthly, fortnightly and fortnightly casual employees, but I cant seem to import more than one certificate

  164. Hi there. I’m trying to generate the IRP5’s, but I don’t even get half of it. What could the problem be? It says completed but it’s not all of it.

  165. Hi Christine, I had the same issue yesterday. Make sure that you generate the IRP5’s to your LOCAL drive, then move it to wherever you need to save it. I tried to save it on the server and it generated 466 out of 867 IRP5’s. Make sure it’s the local drive.

  166. Hi there,. Please, please can someone help me. I am going crazy with stress. I have logged and called SARS a few times and they don’t know why my easyfile does this. I have a couple of Java’s installed after researching on my own. Once I try go to declaration and select the year and retrieve the file the screen is just greyed out. On top I can only see File, Save, Print and close. I can only click on close. I tried to install easyfile on 3 other pc’s and it still gives me the same problem.

  167. Hi, I’s trying to import my payroll file, but it fails with warnings. When I go to the log file to confirm the error and warnings the file is empty
    Please help me…

  168. on the emp501 page i had to manually complete all the data. status shows “online validation required” and i cannot open the emp501 again. i thought it might be a efiling profile problem so have requested the tax types to go through my efiling instead of the client’s but still does not work.

  169. Hi Tanya / Bernadette

    I have the same problem…EMP501 greyed out. SARS consultants unable to help. Have you found a solution?

  170. Hi again,
    I have a second company that does not import. The same message that it has failed with warnings and to look in die log file. But the file is empty.
    What can we do… and my time is running out. I have looked in the file for any funny data, like passport no with spec characters but no..

  171. I have a problem. Once I try go to declaration and select the year and retrieve the file the screen just greyed out. On top I can only see File, Save, Print and Close. I can only click on close.
    Please help.

  172. Hi
    All IRP’5 wasn’t received by SARS via Easyfile But is says submitted on all the individual IRP’5.

  173. I have the same problem as Izanne phoned SARS 7 times and resubmitted twice as instructed by SARS but to no avail, their latest solution is to wait 21 working days. Can you please help?

  174. Some of my Certificates are showing inactive – but they are submitted to SARS – it is just on my Easyfile that some of the employees does not show in die 2018/02 drop down – but when I search the surname it comes up as inactive.

    Can anyone tell me what to do in order to fix it.

    Thank you so much

  175. I have a problem, my laptop with the backup drive was stolen, so my newest available backup is 2017. Any way that I can get my IRP5’s back for 2018?

  176. New problem surfaced using 6.9.1. I started getting import errors after passing validation without any errors – then at the very end, it simply says “Payroll file import failed”. The import payroll log shows “Import failed” but nothing in the box where the error descriptions would normally appear.

    Began testing with files that had passed on the previous version (possibly two versions back) and they threw out the same error. Checked Java, made sure of the right version, no difference. Tried on three different working installations of Easyfile. Anybody else getting this?

  177. I removed the old version and installed the new one (69.0) and something went wrong, so I removed the new version and downloaded it again with installation – then all was working well until I tried to complete an IRP5 – there were four code 3601s and so it went right throughout all the list of codes all the way down – one for each re-installation. So, although it uploads and eFies the certificates and EMP501s – I have to sift through all these triplicated codes every time – anyone got the same problem?

  178. Hi I installed easyfile and everything seems fine however I am unable to sync fully. Filed returns on easyfile are not reflecting on my efiling profile.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled it just isnt working. I did a bulk ITreg so sync is stoping at 20% by AA88!!! HELP!! 🙂

  179. Getting the same as you Daan Marais -> “New problem surfaced using 6.9.1. I started getting import errors after passing validation without any errors – then at the very end, it simply says “Payroll file import failed”. The import payroll log shows “Import failed” but nothing in the box where the error descriptions would normally appear.

    Began testing with files that had passed on the previous version (possibly two versions back) and they threw out the same error. Checked Java, made sure of the right version, no difference. Tried on three different working installations of Easyfile. Anybody else getting this?”

  180. I’ve also been getting the import error since the new update to 6.9.1. In the link that Grant Day sent above, someone mentioned trying this:
    “Open the live file in notepad
    Find 4497,0,
    Replace all
    Works perfectly.”
    Just double check your file though because mine exported as 4497,000000000000000.
    Once I replaced that in my file, it imported with no problems. So if anyone wants to try this as a workaround, hopefully, it will work for you too. Rather than rolling back then being careful that it doesn’t update again.

  181. Hi Grant – I had difficulty with [email protected] Employer not connecting – after our IT Dept had a look – it was found that the only way it would work is if the firewall is disabled… hope this helps someone somewhere having difficulty connecting… the big red square and the word DISCONNECTED is rather annoying…

  182. Thank You So much for this page. This is the second time in a year that you’ve saved me a sleepless night. If I was that kind of woman I’d’ve offered you a lapdance. Alas…

    Here have a virtual Cookie instead

  183. Thanks so much for the website. Had issues on [email protected] starting up and then doing an update. Tried to log in but data disappeared. Restored using the built-in function, logged in again but then got the 3214 error. Then the DB disappeared and my company was gone.

    Found your website and managed to restore a backup manually. When I tried to log in again it kept on loading and loading. After reading about the Java version I tried to download and install the Java version you recommended and that managed to fix the issue!

  184. Hi good day, just wondering if this is a problem everyone is experiencing or just me, I cannot seem to sync, I have let it sync overnight and the following morning when i checked up on it it was like it was on freeze mode as it just doesnt want to sync, I had to restart my computer in order to exit the sync. I attempted second time and same thing happened, I then tried doing a backup and it did the same thing, freeze mode, and lastly I tried to file my returns and it did the same thing freeze mode where nothing happens it just shows a loading icon . PLEASE HELP!!!

  185. After upgrading to 6.9.2 I too experienced the inability to login.
    I tried the following step:
    “Install the latest version of Java 1.8 32 or 64-bit, depending on what your system is, as well as the which easyfile installs. From java.com”

    This still did not resolve the problem immediately. The important part is the part which reads “…64-bit, depending on what your system is”

    On a 64-bit version of Windows, the default path for 32-bit programs is “C:\Program Files (x86)”
    while the default path for 64-bit programs on a 64-bit version of Windows is “C:\Program Files”.

    It seems that EasyFile looks for Java at “C:\Program Files” path after entering a login and password but before this it looks for Java at the “C:\Program Files (x86)” path.

    Historically and currently, the default path for programs on a 32-version of Windows is always “C:\Program Files”.
    There isn’t a “C:\Program Files (x86)” path. I suspect that due to historical reasons, EasyFile has been hard coded to look at “C:\Program Files”.
    EasyFile installs JAVA in “C:\Program Files (x86)” on 64-bit versions of Windows and thus it does not find Java when it looks in “C:\Program Files”
    later in the login process.

    Thus, installing the 64-bit version of Java in addition to the default Java 32-bit seems to fix the EasyFile login problem.

  186. Exactly Rob, only problem is, I’ve had some machines that are 64-bit not run with the 64-bit version but only with both & as 32-bit versions. 6.9.2 is the most irritating and quirky version of easyfile yet. I think I’ve mentioned this somewhere before.

  187. Hi Grant

    Thanks for the great post.

    I deleted the emp501.swf file and downloaded it via the link you posted and it worked immediately.

    I’ve been pulling my hair out and SARS doesn’t assist in any way.

    Thanks again.

  188. Hi.
    I keep on getting the following error:
    Employer Contact Number invalid, National numbers must start with a 0 and International numbers must start with 00 – code 2026

    The phone number is displaying correctly in employer admin and on the EMP501.

  189. Hi Grant,
    Thank you for your fantastic service in helping me sort out my easyfile problems ….
    So thankful to you –
    Michelle Vermeulen

  190. Hi, I accidentally formated the laptop but recovered the files in the app data. However i got loads of dbz files. What are these? I have recovered and restored the easy file with strings number and local store sub folder but when i try to log in it just hangs with a circle. Any idea to know if files are still fine?

  191. Grant: Firstly a BIG THANK YOU for this Help page info. I had downloaded latest 6.9.4 from sars web. I expected on login that Easy/”difficult”file employer would restore from my backup But No the clock icon just spinned out a 3214 Java error. Thank You for posting the steps to uninstall older Java and ofcourse i also unsinstalled new “Difficult”file ver694 prior to new Java installation. I had to install both the 32& 64bit Java running Win 8 Then I installed Difficultfile ver6.9.4. THANKS 2 U GRANT! I managed to file!

  192. Hi Grant, I installed the new Update and Easyfile is working. I can login, view everything but as soon as I try to import my Payroll file or if I select restore backup, the program just shuts down and I have to log in again. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

  193. Please understand people, I’m no psychic and I don’t practice voodoo or magic. Figuring out what is wrong is just like any other profession. I have to know what the situation is.
    It is like you asking me, “How do I get to Timbuktu?”, without me knowing where you are and more crucially you not knowing where you are I cannot possibly direct you. At least half of what I do when I get on people’s PC’s is figuring out where the PC is at.
    So it is not that I won’t give you an answer, it is that I can’t give a meaningful single sentence answer.

  194. RE Connect if Disconnected

    Hi I did all that but “never dial a connection” is ghosted but it looks checked (can see a feint check)
    No luck with connection the square stays red , used the same computer for years , never had problem connecting to easy file to file. I do not get the option to fill in my easy file credentials (when I want to file) that option is just not there. I updated to the newest version, also have the right Java etc.

  195. Hi does anyone know why when I add a new employee to do their IRP 5 and I add the ID number then country of issue it tells me –

    ‘The following RED highlighted field(s) are invalid and need to be corrected.

    Country Of Issue 3075 may not be ZAF.”

    Any ideas the employee is South African and so is her ID Doc ?

  196. Hi Grant. I have been trying to resolve my easyfile issue for the past 4 days with no luck until I came across this page. Amazing! All my declarations are now submitted. Thank you!

  197. Hi , Will Easy File Employer 6.9.5 work on Windows XP ? We had 683 which worked fine…but after loading 695 it will not go online… Looks like Adobe Air version 32 doesnt support XP anymore….Easyfile Employer doesnt want to go Online ..just says DISCONNECT.

  198. Hi, Grant, I downloaded the Easy File Employer 6.9.6 from the website and installed it on Windows Server 2016 64 bit machine without any any issues.

  199. “Country Of Issue 3075 may not be ZAF” – This happens when you input both an ID number AND a Country of Issue.The solution is that you should not select a country of issue when you use an ID number (select the “…”). Country of issue is only used when you use a passport number instead of an ID number,

  200. Hi Grant I had already deleted all the required javas etc,etc, reinstalled etc before I found this site, but still had hassles and then followed what someone else had done (Francois Brand – found him on the facebook Easyfile forum) from your site and downloaded another java – jre-7u80-windows-i586.exe. He got the java address from your site. And after that it all works fine. I had issues prior to this with the little clock just turning forever and then timing out, amongst others prior to my removing all and re-installing yesterday.
    Well now I know – next time I will just call you -far simpler. Thanks for the help.

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