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SARS easyFile Error Codes

Please make sure to backup before you try repair your easyfile installation or errors.

Errors in getting easyFile running

  • #1009: This is usually due to missing info or an incorrect character in a field. Essentially easyFile is expecting something and getting an unexpected result and throws an error. [If you are having the issue under Employees, make sure you have the country under the employee’s address details and then generate the certificate again.]

  • #2037: Functions called in incorrect sequence, or earlier call was unsuccessful. – Looks like an incorrect JAVA version issue
  • #2063: Not sure what causes this. I have as yet not had a chance to troubleshoot this code.
  • #3115: Looks like a company database corruption – You will need to restore a backup. If you have more than 1 company, you will have to restore manually.
  • #3119: Database file is currently locked
  • #3123 & #3125: Looks like it is most likely corrupt easyfile.dbz, restore your most recent backup or another workaround is merging your company database file with a clean easyFile DB
  • #3124: You’ll get the following message: “[email protected] has detected that your encrypted login credentials are corrupt and need to be regenerated.” Click “OK” to continue, if you click “OK”, it shows “Creating Key” and easyfile usually doesn’t work after this or you get stuck in a loop. To fix, you’ll need to copy your credentials from the DoNotDelete folder in Local Store or from an older backup. Copy the key.txt and li.txt files to the Local Store folder
  • #3138: Happens when easyFile can’t read your data. This could be caused by a number of things, data corruption or incorrectly configured easyFile or security settings. Ensure you have installed as described above, that should sort out any Java issues. In Internet Explorer go to Internet Options and clicked on Advanced. Then under the security section turned off SSL 3.0 and turned on TLS 1.0.
  • #3214: easyfile is looking for the Java runtime in the wrong place, and Adobe Air duly reports the 3214 error. Make sure you have the 32-bit version of Java installed or uninstall and reinstall Java
  • #3219: Most likely an incorrect Java version. My fix usually works.
  • When trying to print out an old or new IRP5 easyFile gives the error “There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found”. Uncertainty as to the cause but installing Adobe Reader 10.1.16 fixes it. Go here and click to download

“Country Of Issue 3075 may not be ZAF” – This happens when you input both an ID number AND a Country of Issue. The solution is to not select a country of issue, when you use an ID number (select “…”). Country of issue, is only used when you use a passport number instead of an ID number.

The EMP501 has been activated on Organisations, Tax Types.
When trying to download from SARS the following error occurs, Tax type reference does not exist or user does not have access rights – In my case I selected to have my personal login as primary. My business profile has the rights to submit the emp501. Logging onto Easyfile I use my business username but personal password. It resolved the “rights issue”

Errors in running easyFile

  • 6010 – Go to the error log, it will tell you how many records you should have. Then in the upload file, right at the bottom by 6010 you change the number to what it should be
  • 2083 SEZ // On page 1 of the emp501 there is a space for SEZ code, delete the ZAR and it should work otherwise go to update the employer details and remove there before you do the submission.
  • Reference Number does not exist or User does not have rights to taxpayer. // This particular company needs to be registered for the EMP501 on your efiling profile, otherwise you cannot submit. If that doesn’t work, try your old username with your new password.
  • When I created the IRP5’s, only the first X created on Easyfile. // When doing the export from easyfile leave easyfile open even though it’s says complete.

On importing IRP5, file import fails and the message is displayed on the Import Payroll File Log Alternative Identification Number should have format CCYY/NNNNNN/NN when Alternate Identification Type is 1 – #3066

The certificate identified on the line which failed, is for a Personal Services Provider (PSP) company Possible Solution:

  • When the record is a PSP, the gender is changed to “Company or CC” or “Trust”
  • The ID number field will be changed to Company Number, which is the Company Registration number (CK number)
  • Ensure the number is completed in the format CCYY/NNNNNN/NN
  • Once corrected, export your IRP5 file again and import into [email protected]
  • Reference does not exist or user does not have rights to taxpayer?  – Check that EMP501 is ticked under Organisation Tax Types on efiling. The username is the name on the portfolio. With the same password

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