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SARS easyFile Error Codes

Please make sure to backup before you try repair your easyfile installation or errors.

Errors getting easyFile running

ITA40010 // You need to upgrade to the latest version

  • #1009: This is usually due to missing info or an incorrect character in a field. Essentially easyFile is expecting something & getting an unexpected result & throws an error. [If you are having the issue under Employees, make sure you have the country under the employee’s address details and then generate the certificate again.]
  • #2028 & 2029: Solution is to choose ANY payroll system in the first drop-down box & then in the second drop-down box, choose “INHOUSE” or “MANUAL” – If that doesn’t work – In easyfile select Synchronise first, then under Utilities, select EMP501 Status Dashboard and then in the top right hand corner click “Download Employment Taxes Validation” with your e-Filing login. Then in the ETV column a view button will appear next to the company & submission in question. If you then save the viewed letter to Notepad it will give you the certificate numbers and employees in question. Go to the employee edit screen call up the employee in question and view the certificate, click on save and it will tell you the code etc that doesn’t balance. Once certificates have been saved go back to the declarations screen and click on “Revise” at the top right to check you declaration and resubmit – all should now be ok
  • #2037: Functions called in incorrect sequence, or earlier call was unsuccessful. // Looks like an incorrect JAVA version issue
  • #2063: Not sure what causes this. // I have as yet not had a chance to troubleshoot this code.
  • #3003: Can’t find location, usually happens during IRP Generation // Try the fix for IRP Generation
  • #3115: Looks like a company database corruption // You will need to restore a backup. If you have more than 1 company, you will have to restore manually.
  • #3119: Database file is currently locked
  • #3123: Looks like it is most likely corrupt easyfile.dbz, restore your most recent backup or another workaround is merging your company database file with a clean easyFile DB
  • #3124: You’ll get the following message: “[email protected] has detected that your encrypted login credentials are corrupt and need to be regenerated.” Click “OK” to continue, if you click “OK”, it shows “Creating Key” and easyfile usually doesn’t work after this or you get stuck in a loop. To fix, the simplest is to restore a backup from a period before credential issues. If it still gives the error your backup credentials are also corrupted. Try another earlier backup. It is possible to resolve this without data loss by to copying your credentials from the DoNotDelete folder in Local Store or from an older backup. Copy the key.txt and li.txt files to the current Local Store folder
  • #3125: Unable to open the database file. // Most likely a JAVA issue
  • #3138: Happens when easyFile can’t read your data. This could be caused by a number of things, data corruption or incorrectly configured easyFile or security settings. Ensure you have installed as described above, that should sort out any Java issues. In Internet Explorer go to Internet Options and clicked on Advanced. Then under the security section turned off SSL 3.0 and turned on TLS 1.0.
  • #3214: easyfile is looking for the Java runtime in the wrong place, and Adobe Air duly reports the 3214 error.
  • #3219: Most likely an incorrect Java version. My fix usually works.
Other Issues

Can’t see a period in the View Edit Employees dropdown: Request your 202002 declaration on the declaration screen. When it opens check on the bottom part of your last page for the ‘certificates’ total. If there are no figures in that line the file imported was not for the 202002 period. If there are figures on that line, you can go back to view/edit on your certificate page.

Top right corner where you choose your certificate period, click on the 201908, then click it again, and 1 last time. The 202002 will open after a few clicks on 201908.

“The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem. The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid. Please contact the application author.” // Install as per my troubleshooting pages Tweaked Installation.

“Country Of Issue 3075 may not be ZAF” – This happens when you input both an ID number AND a Country of Issue. The solution is to not select a country of issue, when you use an ID number (select “…”). Country of issue, is only used when you use a passport number instead of an ID number.

The EMP501 has been activated on Organisations, Tax Types.
When trying to download from SARS the following error occurs, Tax type reference does not exist or user does not have access rights – In my case I selected to have my personal login as primary. My business profile has the rights to submit the emp501. Logging onto Easyfile I use my business username but personal password. It resolved the “rights issue”

Errors running easyFile

  • 6010 – Go to the error log, it will tell you how many records you should have. Then in the upload file, right at the bottom by 6010 you change the number to what it should be
  • 2083 SEZ // On page 1 of the emp501 there is a space for SEZ code, delete the ZAR and it should work otherwise go to update the employer details and remove there before you do the submission.
  • Reference Number does not exist or User does not have rights to taxpayer. // This particular company needs to be registered for the EMP501 on your efiling profile, otherwise you cannot submit. If that doesn’t work, try your old username with your new password. Or try another portfolio if you have.
  • When I created the IRP5’s, only the first X created on Easyfile. // When doing the export from easyfile leave easyfile open even though it’s says complete.

On importing IRP5, file import fails and the message is displayed on the Import Payroll File Log Alternative Identification Number should have format CCYY/NNNNNN/NN when Alternate Identification Type is 1 – #3066

The certificate identified on the line which failed, is for a Personal Services Provider (PSP) company Possible Solution:

  • When the record is a PSP, the gender is changed to “Company or CC” or “Trust”
  • The ID number field will be changed to Company Number, which is the Company Registration number (CK number)
  • Ensure the number is completed in the format CCYY/NNNNNN/NN
  • Once corrected, export your IRP5 file again and import into [email protected]

ETI Calculated & IRP5/IT3(a) does not balance

Somewhere there is a cents difference. Change a certificate a few cents up and a few cents down. Check on you ETI monthly reports – when you add them all up to what cents you get and then check what is on the EMP501 import from SARS – which will be an whole rounded Rand and then change a staff member certificate on ETI with that cents amount up or down and it will work.

IRP Generation

When exporting IRP5’s you get “Generation Complete” but you cannot see any or only some generated PDF’s. Your path length is too long. That is the combination of your directories and file names exceeds your version of Windows’ maximum path length. // Fix this by saving your IRP’s to your desktop or another short path and then moving them to your desired location.

Long Path Name Hack – this is a hack to the registry to remove the limitation

Questions & Answers

Q: My laptop with the backup drive was stolen, so my newest available backup is 2017. Any way that I can get my IRP5’s back for 2018? // A: No, make sure to have another backup in future in another location and if possible in the cloud.

16 thoughts on “SARS easyFile Error Codes”

  1. Hi I get an error on one of the IT3’s – re-submission error. It says source code 4497 does not equal sum of deductions. However I cannot change the value of source code 4497. How can I fix this in order to file return?

  2. Hi, we get the 6010 code when trying to import payroll files from SAGE PASTEL PAYROLL. Please could you give us an indication of what this means? I see your explanation above on this error code, but don’t understand it fully? Thank you so much!

  3. Pls help when i ask to view irp5’s it does not allow. and when i try to export them they do not show. Pls help

  4. Hi. I get a [email protected] Synchronisation Process notification saying…
    xxxxx has additional Bulk Income Tax Registration results available but these could not be saved to your [email protected] database as the matching certificates could not be found. Please ensure your local [email protected] database contains these certificates before completing an IT Registration synchronisation to obtain these results.

    How can I fix this?

  5. Good day, when I upgrade Easyfile from version 7.0.2 to 7.0.7, it runs through (loading) and close down when complete. When I click on Easyfile again, an Error Code appear:

    “SORRY AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED, The application can not be installed due to a certificate problem. The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid. Please contact the application author. Close”

    Can you please advice how to fix this problem?

  6. I Can’t seem to find any info anywhere. I have a user that is getting “[email protected] has detected that your encrypted login credentials are corrupt and needs to be regenerated”
    First time I’ve seen this error and I can’t crack it. I have tried a complete re-installation, but to no avail. Can anyone advise please?

  7. I am using a manual excel file to calculate my payroll. When doing EMP501 I have to select a payroll system and an option for manula input does not appear what do i insert here

  8. I suggest letting it default to the first one in the first option box, select “other” in the second box and write in the comments section that it is done manually.
    Amazes me how SARS doesn’t seem to know who they are catering for …

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