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Switching to Afrihost Mobile

I decided to move my Cell C account across to Afrihost Voice in 2016. I was already using a 2nd SIM with Afrihost mobile data and had enjoyed the service.

You might as well get an additional SIM if you are going through the RICA bullshit. As long as you don’t stick the SIM into a phone it will not have a number attached and hence, will not expire.


All porting happens between 22:30-23:30 on all days except Public holidays.

  • Mondays-Fridays (Public Holidays Excluded) – 09:00-17:00
  • Saturdays (Public Holidays Excluded) – 09:00-13:00
  • Sundays – Port Requests are not processed on Sundays

Should the port request be received in time on a particular day and your request is accepted, you should be able to port on the same day that the request is made.
Transfers can also be scheduled for up to 30 days from the date of the request.

The Process

Do not insert the new SIM Card in your device until you’ve completed all the porting steps.

Ensure both SIM Cards are RICA’d. The SIM Card that you are porting from AND the SIM Card that you are porting to.

  • Get a new Rica’d MTN SIM card [You can skip this if you have an MTN account already]
  • Contact your current Service Provider to inform them that you wish to port your number. [Unnecessary if you are on prepaid] Once you have completed all the requirements communicated by your current Service Provider you will be able to move forward with the porting process.
  • Port your number by SMSing “PortMe#NEW-SIM-No“, (minus the quotation marks, Sim No: is a 10-digit code on your SIM pack), to 083 767 8287 from the number you want to port to. *Standard SMS rates apply.
  • You will receive an SMS, confirming whether your request was authorised or declined to port to the MTN Network. If the port is authorised, you can switch to your new SIM Card first thing the next day.  [If accepted this process will happen overnight]
  • Once ported you can put the New MTN SIM into your phone
  • Purchase your chosen Afrihost Voice service, this takes 5 minutes to show up in your ClientZone
  • Activate your Afrihost Services via ClientZone or the Afrihost App. Once your new SIM Card has been activated, you can enjoy all the benefits of our awesome mobile offering.
  • Now you can dial *141*774*1# to give Afrihost consent to manage your account and you are done.


Set your APN to Afrihost

  • Open Settings>Cellular Networks> Access Point Names
  • Tap the Plus (+) button to create a new APN
  • Enter afrihost into the Name & APN fields
  • Tap on the More button & select Save
  • Delete all other APN’s, select the APN then click more and Discard
  • To check that your APN info is correct, browse to http://www.afrihost.com/landing/mobile/apn/ on your phone


  • You can opt in or out of MTN promotional SMSes by dialing *130*601# and *130*603# – each message toggles the service on or off, read the response to see what state your account is in.
  • You can check any content services subscribed to and manage by dialling *141*5# then go to 2. Content Services
  • http://support.afrihost.com/ip/
  • Download the Afrihost app to help you manage and track your account or alternatively you can login to the Afrihost Client Zone

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