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Top pre-installed Toshiba bloatware/programs that are safe to remove from my laptop

Cheaper home oriented laptops sometimes come with loads of bloatware. I like to remove as much as I can to minimise startup load and apps running in the background.

Please leave me feedback if you have more info on each of the apps.

Before you remove anything from the system remove it from the start-up at first and check the difference.

Safe to Remove (if not used)

  • Toshiba Registration – helps you register your laptop, once done you don’t need it
  • Toshiba ReelTime
  • Toshiba Face Recognition – if you don’t use it for logon
  • Toshiba Manuals – link to online manuals
  • Toshiba Recovery Media Creator – creates your Toshiba recovery media. Can be removed if you have recovery media or you are sure you won’t need it
  • Toshiba Disc Creator – create original audio CDs, data CDs and DVDs
  • Toshiba Config Free – designed to simplify wireless and wired network connectivity
  • Toshiba eco Utility – extended power control options
  • Toshiba Speech Systems Applications – enables the use of voice commands for various Windows applications. Remove if using Win10
  • Toshiba Speech System SR Engine (US) version 1.0 – will read documents to you. Remove
  • Toshiba Speech System TTs Engine (US) version 1.0 – part of above

Disable from startup

  • Toshiba Media Controller – Don’t remove it, disable it from start-up
  • Toshiba HDD Protection – Don’t remove it, disable it from start-up
  • Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert – same as Toshiba HDD Protection
  • Toshiba Media Controller Plug-in – Don’t remove it, disable it from start-up
  • Toshiba PC Health Monitor – Don’t remove it, disable it from start-up


  • Toshiba System Settings – important Toshiba specific tools/utilities
  • Toshiba Value Added Package – important Toshiba specific tools/utilities
  • Toshiba Supervisor Password –
  • Toshiba Resolution and Plug-In for Windows Media Player –

Might Be Helpful

  • Toshiba Tempro – checks your laptop for the latest Toshiba software updates
  • Toshiba Assist – provides quick access to computer functions and allows you to customize a range of computer settings
  • Toshiba Service Station – periodically searches for Toshiba software updates or alerts from Toshiba that are specific to your laptop
  • Toshiba Hardware Setup – provides a simple means of managing and configuring some installed hardware


  • Toshiba Remote Control Manager –
  • Toshiba Peak Shift Control –

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