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Why have .co.za domains become so expensive?

This is an ongoing bit of research into what goes on in the boardroom behind closed doors. We’d all love a 71% increase but “really”.

I’ve focused just on the .co.za domain as it is 95% of the total number of registrations.

Domains in South Africa used to be run by Uniforum and where cheap at R50, as they should be. The more domains registered, the more the costs are spread. They are also not a product that requires manufacturing. As technology get’s cheaper management should get simpler & cheaper.

But another board of directors got hold of it.
Please bear in mind that both the ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) and the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) are not-for-profit companies.
In 2016 ZADNA board passed a resolution to increase domain registry fees from R7 to R12, exclusive of VAT. [71% increase]
ZADNA > R7 > ZACR > R45 > Registrars > R80 to public

I’ve done my best to graph the price changes and registered domain volumes.



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  1. I attended most of the board meetings. It is a ANC rich make machine. The last meeting, they starting to wisper of BBBE commitment as part of the registration of domains.

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