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MvixBOX WDN-2000 Media Server NAS Firmware Reinstall

This story is old but I reposted it for people who still need the details.

The Problem

My Mvix stopped working and I could not access it. When I connected it directly to my PC I could see the device but my HDD would not mount. A portion of the Mvix operating system is stored on the internal drive and the rest in flash memory on the unit.

The initial fix is just for my records, scroll down to The Final Fix for the simplest solution.

The Initial Fix

I started by downloading the MvixBOX 1.1.0 Firmware ISO, this is a CD image that installs from the users PC across the network to the MvixBOX.

You need to have a hard drive in the Mvix as some of the install is to the physical drive. The drive is formatted, the data is then copied across to the drive and then the install takes place on the MvixBOX.

I then patched to version 1.1.1 then 1.1.2 and finally 1.1.3, because these are patch’s they need to be installed sequentially.


Firmware 1.1.0 ISO (153MB)
Firmware 1.1.0 Bin (43.5MB)
Firmware 1.1.1 Bin (8.22MB)
Firmware 1.1.2 Bin (8.24MB)
Firmware 1.1.3 Bin (14.7MB)

After all this I came across a 1.1.3 ISO

The Final Fix

Firmware 1.1.3 ISO Zipped (153MB)

Download the Zipped ISO, unzip to extract the ISO. If you double click in Windows 10 it will mount the ISO or or use a tool like Daemon Tools Lite to mount the ISO to a virtual drive.

Next run Setup.exe from the CD or virtual drive.

Your Serial no. is the same as your CD-key [P2PE7P723CVV] and is on the base of your MvixBOX and is case sensitive.

The standard ID and password is, sysadmin sysadmin

Here is a video clip showing the ISO update procedure.


6 thoughts on “MvixBOX WDN-2000 Media Server NAS Firmware Reinstall”

  1. They really haven’t done much with this product since it’s been out. I’m deeply disappointed in Mvix for basically abandoning the MvixBox.

  2. I agree Jeff, it’s a great product which did get abandoned for the Xtreamer range if I remember correctly. Mine I’ve used as storage for years, now just upgraded to 4TB for backup, still runs beautifully.

  3. I upgraded to 1.1.3 and thereafter I can’t get to the UI. All I get is the info page. It is impossible to roll back from this page. It starts but nothing changes.
    The install programs gives err 1034
    Is there a way to make factory reset?

  4. Interesting to discover that there is a firmware v1.1.3 ISO.

    Unicorn/Mvix has no respect for their customers when it comes to this NAS product. This neither the ISO or the upgrade BIN files for V1.1.3 are even listed on their site.

    There NAS2000 forum has a small area on this hardware that is still active (http://forum.nas-forum.org/index.php?page=Index)

    OpenWRT has also been ported to this hardware and is a great alternative to OEM firmwares.

  5. I have been using MvixBox since 2007 and still going beautifully. I’m using 2X2TB Seagate Hard Drives and never had a problem. For safety reasons, I’ve changed the HD’s once just for the sake of ageing of my HD’s. It’s a pity that the MvixBox hasn’t evolve to a more options. I already bought (to use in parallel in my system) a MyCloud from WD (the 6tb).
    Meanwhile I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.1.3 and the system is running 100% under windows 8.1

  6. Still using several of these nifty NAS boxes:

    All with V1.1.2 until I recently tried V1.1.3 on one of them.

    Found that with V1.1.3 there was no redirect from port 80 to port 8080.
    That is I got the 404 error (not found!) when trying to access the web login page using just the IP address.
    It till works when adding the port 8080 number to the IP address but got me scratching my head.

    I put it back on V1.1.2 even though I made some shortcuts with the address:8080.

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