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SARS easyFile Employer – On a Mac

There is no Mac version of easyfile. If you own a Mac, to run easyfile or other Windows based software you will need either Boot Camp which comes as part of macOS or a virtual machine like Parallels.

For M1 based Mac’s you can only currently use Parallels.

Boot Camp

Not available on M1 based Mac’s.

Apple’s Boot Camp allows you to install Windows alongside macOS on your Mac. Only one operating system can be running at a time, so you’ll have to restart your Mac to switch between macOS and Windows.

Virtual Machines

A virtual machine is one of the best ways to run Windows desktop software. It will allow you to install Windows and other operating systems run them in a window on your Mac. Windows will think it’s running on a real computer, but it’s actually running inside a piece of software on your Mac.

Parallels $80 or VMWare Fusion $89 are paid packages to allow Windows applications to run on your Mac without rebooting. You can also use something like VirtualBox which is free software although it will not run on the M1 Mac.

You’ll need to buy a Windows license for either solution you choose.

Pros & Cons

Boot Camp will perform better because it does not share resources between each OS but you are either running macOS OR Windows, you cannot run both simultaneously or easily share data between OS’s.
Virtual Machines allow you to run both OS’s simultaneously but you are sharing resources between essentially 2 computers so you will have lower performance.

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