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Xtreamer Pro – Emergency Firmware Upgrade Instructions

If you Xtreamer is not responding to the remote, won’t play files it should, hangs or keeps losing the display and you already have the latest firmware installed, then you probably need an emergency firmware upgrade. [I take no personal responsibility for any issues you had, have or may have with this procedure.] It has worked for me recently when the Xtreamer Pro kept dropping signal to the HDMI connected projector.

  • If at first you don’t succeed, try another USB/Flash stick/drive. I originally tried with a old cheap no-name brand 1GB drive which would just not start the firmware upgrade, I then switched to a 2GB Verbatim and voila. [Remember it must be FAT32 formatted, I suggest starting with a format to get your flashdrive in the most pristine condition.]
  • It might be necessary to run the procedure several times.

Instructions – please follow exactly for best results

  1. Unplug all cables from your Xtreamer Pro
  2. Wait 30 minutes – whilst you are waiting, do the following
    1. Download the latest Xtreamer Pro Emergency Firmware Zip file
    2. Format your 1-2GB USB stick to FAT32
    3. Extract the Xtreamer Pro Emergency Firmware Zip file to the root of your flash drive [If the firmware is not in the root of the USB the process will fail]
  3. Plug your USB stick into rear “USB HOST” port of your Xtreamer Pro
  4. Use the component cable to connect to your TV, or Amplifier [HDMI connections don’t always display correctly and sometimes halt the upgrade. Or just leave the display unconnected and reconnect once your Xtreamer restarts. You’ll hear it power off and start up.]
  5. Plug in the Xtreamer’s power cable
  6. On your remote control, press and release these 3 buttons in sequence “Home” (grey button with house symbol on it), “3” (yellow button with DELETE underneath it) and finally the “Power” (top-left, orange button). [Make sure to stand close to your Xtreamer Pro box and point the remote directly at it to make sure the unit receives the remotes signal clearly.]

Your Xtreamer should startup and go into the Emergency Firmware Upgrade screen within about a minute. If it takes longer than 5 minutes and stays on the Xtreamer splash screen with no activity on your USB stick – try another stick.

If the unit starts as normal – you did not press the correct sequence or the Xtreamer player did not receive the signal properly, try again.

Firmware & Manual

Improving Xtreamer Stability/Reliability

I have found that plugging the Xtreamer Pro directly into my PC via eSATA and allowing my PC to run scandisk seemed to fix any minor issues it was having.

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  1. Will there be an upgrade 3.0 for xtreamer pro?? The last news regarding this issue came in may 2011. Do you know what is happening?

  2. There is a version 3 due as you say since May. From what I have read the version 3 firmware will unify the firmware for all Xtreamer products which is the reason they say it is taking so long to release. It has been already been released for the latest Xtreamer Prodigy and Xtreamer SideWinder 2, maybe this means it is closer to release for the Xtreamer Pro. I hope so. I see mentions of a v3.0 beta doing a Google search. I’ve sent Xtreamer a message asking about release dates, will let you known, if they respond. Xtreamer – “Right now there is no releasing date for v3 firmware for the Xtreamer Pro.
    As soon it will be available we will advertize it at our web site http://www.xtreamer.net

  3. My Xtreamer Pro won’t display anything at startup and only has a red flashing light.
    It was bran new and I updated the firmware no problem. When it completely finished and I restarted it did the above and it won’t even respond to the emergency firmware procedure, I tried 2 USB sticks that were properly formatted to FAT32.
    I don’t know what else to try?
    Any ideas??


  4. I’m new with xtreamer pro, I currently experiencing problem dropping HDMI signal all of sudden. I already upgrade with latest 2.7.1 firmware both normal & emergency way. But the problem still occurred. Did that problem really solved on your xt pro after this emergency firmware upgrade? Or maybe i’m missing something? thanks in advance

  5. I’ve never had mine drop signal – you can always check on the Xtreamer Forums.
    I have found that plugging the Xtreamer Pro directly into my PC via eSATA and allowing my PC to run scandisk seemed to fix any minor issues it was having.
    I’ve also found that updating the other software xLive etc to the latest version sometimes improved stability.

  6. Hi,

    I have an xstreamer pro and when I try to up date, it tells me it is up dating but when it has finished the disclaimer notice still stays on screen and I cant action any of the main features….

  7. Have you tried the Emergency Firmware, it is a separate download and for these situations exactly. By the way mine has just gone belly up, fortunately the drives are 100%, I’m going to try the baking in the oven trick. [Fixed it, turns out my 2nd power supply was faulty, original died about 6 months ago.]

  8. Hi Grant. I bought Xtreamer Prodigy Black two days ago. Original system worked well but was so old, so I upgraded it.
    I downloaded the newest firmware – 4.2.2, checked the installation procedure and I’m sure that I did everything properly. Installation was succed but after restart I can see only the logo Xtreamer. I have wait 1 min, 5 min, 15 min and nothing happens.
    Then I installed 4.2.2 again and again, version 4.4.1, emergency and original version 3.0.0.
    Installation runs well but after restarting I still can see only the label “XTREAMER”.
    Is it a fault of software, installation procedure or my appliance?
    Could you help me?

  9. hi
    my xtreamer pro worked with me for 2 years , but suddenly it does not connect to HDD and any flash memory.
    and now xtreamer shows only the start page with the red light .

    could you advice me

  10. Hi Atiq
    Sounds like your power supply is faulty. I had what looks like the same problem and thought my xtreamer was dead until I decided to make another power supply. I’m using a PC power supply wired to the 4 pin connector I cut off the old power supply.
    The pin out is on the power supply and you need to make up your new power supply to give 5V and 12V to the correct pins.
    [Please take note that the xtreamer PSU is not wired like similar 4 pin PSU’s, for some reasson they have switched the 5V & 12V around.]
    If you’re no good with electronics, get a friend to help.
    cheers, Grant

  11. Hi,

    I’m having trouble with my Xtreamer pro, it won’t be able to choose “Xtreamering”, always show notification to upgrade 1.3.3, when i click button number 1 to download and install, yes it might downloading.. but after finished the download and installed it, nothing happened. and when i go back to choose “Xtreamering” tab, it shows again option to download 1.3.3…

    do you have any solution for this??
    many thanks…

    FYI, i already upgrade the firmware to 2.7.1

  12. Hi, I have 2 Xtreamer Pro media players with the same problem. The power LED flashes but nothing else happens, nothing on the screen to display. I have tried the emergency firmware upgrade a couple of times but it’s like the media player doesn’t even see the USB stick. What else can I try?

  13. Hi Alex, sounds exactly like what mine did when the power supply stopped working 100%, I thought the unit was bust and was looking for a new one when I somehow thought to try another power supply. I actually cut off the end of the standard power supply, the round 4-pin and rewired it into a standard PC power supply for the 5V & 12V supply. Just remember that the Xtreamer is not wired as standard so you need to follow the image of the pin-out on the back of the Xtreamer power supply. Easiest test is if you can borrow a working power supply from a friend.

  14. Hi Grant, I did that but still not working. I have 3 Xtreamers and only the one is working. I haven’t used the other 2 in a long time, and when I fired it up it didn’t want to work. Anything else that I can try?

  15. To Alex Kruger and a similar problem,,,,
    i ruled out the power supply issue by using a second xtreamer power supply and no change.
    firmware is not fixing this problem nor is power supply.
    seems to be a commonly occurring problem.

    Can any one help.
    Thank you

  16. My Xtreamer Pro died on me after about 2 years also… Cannot detect any internal HDD. Flashed OFW 2.7.1 and the box will force shutdown itself immediately on power up. Tested the power supply and its still good. I tried several version of the OFW all the way back to 2.3.2 and same thing, box keep force itself to power off on reboot.

    I then tried the CFW from https://sites.google.com/site/farvoice/about_en, and it works (amp_r11_icon). Though some features are not working such as the CRA connectors ’cause the CFW was made for Asus O!Play.

  17. Peter Herrington

    To install the AMP firmware on the xtreamer or pro, use the emergency firmware procedure, Home,press,1 sec later,press 3(yellow),and red power led starts to shine,wait 1 sec,and press power quickly.and the xtreamer starts,and within 1 minute the firmware upgrade procedure begins, reboot to your new firmware.sertup lan, and logon to xtreamer to update everything, for a better experience.Enjoy.

  18. Hi everyone,

    I have a big THANK YOU to say to Peter Herrington for this cue!

    Here is my story:

    Everyting was doing well since 2010 until got big problem with my Xtreamer Pro: my remote stop working and this one month ago. Nothing working unless power button.

    Tried countless number of firmware up/down grade and was stick to the installation menu where we need to press OK that’s my language. Got same problem outside of the running firmware, so I knew something was going wrong.

    Tried an USB PC Keyboard on the behind plug. Didn’t work.

    Tried I bought a new remote control from remote-control-world who make pretty good general remote in czech republic. Didn’t work. New remote worked well but still act as my old remote: nothing worked unless power button and power button emergency sequence.

    Tried out the power supply trick and modified my power supply from an old PC. Did the shortcut trick to ensure power always on. Didn’t work.

    Did the old oven trick.
    Discover some burning near power supply plug on the board. Hoping the board was not damage..
    I decide to continue.
    385oF during 10 minuts in the garage. Cooked both board. Reassamble all the pieces and .. Didn’t work.

    At that point I was dissapointed, but find out this forum et Peter Herrington AMP custom firmware.

    The russian brothers MOService did a great job by doing a custom firmware for Xtreamer Pro.
    It’s a bit hard to understand when your are not in the linux programming buizness.

    Nevertheless, find out that AMP firmware, after few hours of google search and translate (thanks to google too):

    Extract on the USB Key and did the sequence trick on the remote. Install firmware and .. Didn’t worked.

    Then I have an idea.
    Plug the USB PC Keyboard from the begginning and ..
    It WORKED!!

    So, here is the conclusion of this stoy and what I think the problem was:
    For an unknow reason, board was burned, probably because my old power supply stuff or overheat from breaking or something..
    Than the board stop work normally, stop responding to anything since power button on the remote.
    Power supply may have been or the cause of this, I don’t know, maybe it have send more Voltage or Ampere to the board, I don’t know.
    Since the firmware is a basic software, I think that Xtreamer USB Driver are not very well loaded and it could explain why it worked well on russian firmware. Maybe I wouln’t have install firmware and just plug my USB keyboard the 2.7.1 Xtreamer original firmware would have work, or maybe not, I don’t know.

    Hopes that this could help you,

  19. Göran Jojje Larsson

    Hi all.
    Have a Xtremer PRO that I dig up from a storage. Been a long time Id used it. The box started but I cant remember the default Login name and password.
    Read the original document but no ware can I find it printed

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