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Fix AnyDesk professional use notice

Are you using AnyDesk in your personal capacity for connecting to friends and family to assist with computer issues and for some reason AnyDesk thinks your usage is commercial. Here is how to get around the issue.

You can either move to RustDesk which is a viable alternative and free for all usage or …

Copy the user.conf file from your \AppData\Roaming\AnyDesk folder so that you can restore it after uninstalling AnyDesk and reinstalling.

You can access the \AppData\Roaming\ folder by typing %appdata% in your file explorer browse window and then looking for AnyDesk

Uninstall AnyDesk using https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/iobit_uninstaller_portable, you will need to select the Automatically remove residual files checkbox
Then reinstall AnyDesk and copy the user.conf file across to the \AppData\Roaming\AnyDesk folder


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