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SARS easyfile Dividends Tax– Problems and Troubleshooting


How to install easyfile DT 1.4.8

1.4.8 includes the easyfile forms viewer version 1.3.1 & Adobe Reader

If you also run easyfile, you can just run formsViewer 1.3.4

Make sure to always do a backup before you start.

Installation Instructions

  • Backup from inside DT
  • Uninstall your current easyfile DT version
  • Uninstall any Adobe Air version other than
  • Reboot/restart your PC
  • Download DT 1.4.8: via SARS Direct Link
  • Once downloaded, right-click the filename & at the bottom select Unblock – if there is no Unblock move to the next step
  • Right click the Setup_DT_148_WIN.zip file and Extract Files, from the extracted folder double-click Setup Dividend Tax.exe to run
  • If you get the error Windows protected your PC click More info and then Run anyway
  • Let it install Adobe Air
  • Once installed you should be ready to work


You may need to install DTR02 if you get a blank Forms Viewer. Download from https://secure.offline.sarsefiling.co.za/UpdateOfflineDT/DTR02/DTR02-2020.00.12.zip

  • Create a DTR02 folder in C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\Programs\easyfileFormsViewer\resources\
  • Copy the zip file into C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\Programs\easyfileFormsViewer\resources\DTR02\
  • Extract the zip file in that directory so that there is a new 2020.00.12 directory (the full path must be C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\Programs\easyfileFormsViewer\resources\DTR02\2020.00.12)

Need my assistance

Are you tired of fighting with easyFile? Contact me on my cell 084 584 7268 to schedule a time to get it fixed. R800.00 (I am not VAT registered) for a guaranteed fix. No fix, no fee! Work on servers or Mac’s with Parallels is 1.5x the fee

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