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TeamViewer ‘Commercial Use Suspected’ fix

Do you use TeamViewer to assist friends with their PC’s without charging them and yet you’ve received the “Commercial Use Suspected” message. This should get you running again.
[This tutorial is not intended to bypass TeamViewer’s paid services. If you use it commercially, please pay for it.]

If you have problems with getting TeamViewer working again, please state what version of TeamViewer as well as what version of Windows.
Currently, Windows 10 doesn’t seem to take this fix.
[when typing in any of the following, remove the ‘ from before and after the text]

  • Uninstall TeamViewer using IObit Uninstaller Portable version or similar using the Powerful Scan (when installing IObit, make sure to deselect install Advanced System Care when the option comes up)
  • Click Start then type %appdata% – now delete the TeamViewer folder
  • Click Start the type %temp% and delete the contents of this folder as well as the X:\Windows\temp folder
  • Click Start then type regedit, delete the registry folder at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer & HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer if any
  • Now change your MAC address, either manually or with a tool like TMAC [I suggest changing the MAC address on both network connections, i.e. wireless and LAN]
  • [You can try without this step first to see if it works.] Open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights, browse to where you saved ‘sidchg.exe or sidchg64.exe’ and run sidchg.exe /f /r /key:3YPCr-vF9fi-R2VB7-ef for 32-bit or sidchg64.exe /f /r /key:3YPCr-vF9fi-R2VB7-ef for 64-bit Windows, make sure there is a space between the f and following / – Get the latest key from this page. SIDCHG can take a while to run. You might need to set your date to the previous month for SIDCHG to work.
  • Your PC will restart automatically after running sidchg
  • Install TeamViewer [You’ll see your PC has a new TeamViewer ID]


IObit Uninstaller

Portable Version


TMAC – Technitium MAC Address Changer


SID Change Utility

You need at least version 2.0b to work with Windows 10


Latest key is on this page



Portable Version


Manually changing your MAC Address in Windows

  • Right-click My Computer or This PC on your desktop and select Manage
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Select Network Adapters
  • Select and double-click on the adapter for which you want to change MAC address
  • You will find a properties window with multiple tab’s. Select ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Under ‘Property’, find ‘Network Address’ or ‘Locally Administered Address’
  • Now select value and put your 12 digit hexadecimal number
  • Press OK and exit.

Virtual Machine

I’ve been thinking about setting TeamViewer up under a virtual machine using VirtualBox, just haven’t had a chance to play with it.

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  1. My wireless supposedly also can’t be changed but TMAC seemed to change it. It might just make it look like it’s changed (spoofing). Try it and let me know.

  2. Hi Grant,
    Thanks for the information.

    I would just like to add that most built in network adapters on computers will display the “Network Address“, However if you have a ‘wifi / wireless) card it may say ‘Locally Administered MAC Address‘.

    See link for some information about Locally Administered Address

    So basically watch out for the ‘wifi / wireless‘alternative.

    I never heard of TMAC so thanks for suggesting it.

    The program i used for years was called SMAC.

    Here is a quick video to show how it works. SMAC MAC Address Changer 2.7 PRO

    Sure wish i had the option to preview this post before sending it.

    Link Sources:
    LAA / Locally Administered MAC Address:

  3. If it factual that ‘does not work’ then sorry I can’t help but if is more accurately ‘I couldn’t get it to work’ then there is a possibility of trying it again with modifications and it then working …
    As I said in my last comment I tested it and modified the sequence a little and it worked for me. I decided to add the additional steps of clearing %temp% and the x:\windows\temp folder to make sure nothing was being stored there. I also ran TMAC after rebooting instead of before. I’ll test again on another system to see if I can replicate my results.

  4. Thank you Grant!
    This solutions works.

    I manually changed my MAC address.
    As John St.Pierre said, the Locally Administered Address also need to be updated since i always use wireless.

    Thanks again 🙂

  5. Worked fine, but only for once in my case. Let me explain :

    The goal is to change the teamviewer ID, and in order to do you have to remove all the above mentioned files (see above or even use a teamviewer portable version that doesn’t saves anything on the disk) and then change the MAC address of your NIC.

    There is possibility to provice another MacAddress in my nic driver (properties, advanced, network address). So I changed the macaddress I got indeed a new teamviewer id and it worked again for 2-3 weeks. This new teamviewer ID is now also blocked, so I decided to redo the same procedure and change again the mac address of the nic via the driver.

    And there start the problem : I discovered that if I change the mac address of the nic once again, the teamviewer ID doesn’t change anymore. If I remove the manual mac address, I come back to the original mac of the nic and to the teamviewer id blocked 3 weeks ago.

    So for me, I have one specific teamviewer ID (let’s call it ID1) on the original mac address, and another teamviewer ID (let’s call it ID2) whatever the manual mac I choose in the driver.

    So the trick to change the macaddress saved me once, but it doesn’t seems to work anymore : whatever mac I manually install I get ID2 in teamviewer, if I remove it, I get ID1.

    Any idea ? Could it be linked to the driver of my Dlink Nic ?
    Any other trick to change the mac address ?


  6. Do you have a wireless connection on your computer? If you do, Teamviewer might be picking up its MAC address. The change in MAC address is supposed to make Teamviewer think it is installed on a ‘new’ PC. Have you tried TMAC, link in the post?

  7. Thanks Grant for your answer.

    The PC I use is a good old desktop with an ethernet dlink NIC. No wireless card. I just tried with TMAC and got exactly the same problem.

    I always get the same Teamviewer ID with the “original” burned-in MacAddress of the dlink NIC. If I change the MacAddress within the dlink driver or with TMAC, I get another Teamviewer ID, but always the same whatever the “software” MacAddress I choose.

    (and I’m sure the MacAddress is really changed with the driver and with TMAC since I see the different MacAddresses I create in the DHCP log of my DSL-Box/router).

    So for me, the original TeamViewer ID corresponding to my “real” MacAddress is blocked by TeamViewer. The other ID (the one I get whatever soft MacAdress I choose) is now also on the black list… so I’m blocked… I can quickly change back and forth from original to modified mac and each time I start teamviewer I see the ID changing from one to the other… (so it’s not that there is a setting somewhere that blocks me on the same teamviewer ID… but again I see only two different ID and both are on the teamviewer black list).

    I removed all the items following the procedure described (it worked the first time). I also tried with the portable version of teamviewer (http://portableapps.com/), same problem.

    Does anyone can confirm that each time they change their MAC using TMAC they get a new Teamviewer ID ?

    Are you sure you did it already more than once and that your are not getting the same ID each time you change the Nic macaddress ?

    I’m also wondering why my ID is flagged as commercial use… because I don’t use it commercially at all. I have used teamviewer for years without problems, then suddenly it blocked my ID. I changed the mac of my NIC and it blocked again after a month or so…

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m trying to do this in an “old” desktop, only one NIC in the desktop (DLINK), no wireless, no other drivers like Blackberry virtual interfaces, etc…

    Still get the same problem : the Teamviewer ID linked to my original MAC is “blacklisted” by Teamviewer. If I change the Mac address within the driver or usingTMAC, I see the Mac changing in the arp table of my routeur (so it really changes), I get another Teamviewer ID but this “new” Teamviewer ID stays the same wathever the new Mac I choose. (and if I toggle back to the original nic settings, I come back to the original ID and vice-versa). Now that this “new” ID is also blacklisted, I’m stuck.

    The workaround I found is simply to use an older version 6.xxx of Teamviewer found on the net… But you have then to use a similar “older” version on the machine you want to control. For me it does the trick, I just hope that I’m not exposed to security flaws using an older version of the software 🙁

    2 questions :
    – Can anyone confirm that each time you change the macaddress of the NIC you get a new teamviewer ID (and not like me, one ID with original mac, another ID whatever the mac I configure) ?
    – Does someone knows what triggers the suspected commercial use of teamviewer ? I have used it for years privately and in the last two month I got stuck for with my original ID and then 3 weeks later with the other ID I got changing the Mac ? I’m wondering why I’m blacklisted !


  9. Same here as “Mr Ouille” ….. Is there another “check” from teamviewer?? Also tried with multiple MACs TMAC.

  10. Same here as “Mr Ouille” . If you have changed the MAC Address once then you are well blocked by teamviewer.

  11. Yes I use teamviewer VERY often, and I had the issue of commercial use few months back, I followed a guide EXACLTY like this one and it worked, “CHANGED MY TEAMVIEWER I.D”
    ok now that was about 2-3 monthes ago, and I use teamviewer daily, now few days ago I get the “commercial use suspected” and it terminates my session after 5 minutes. I tried everything in this guide and it a no go. I am not new to this at all, I been doing the same thing on other computers for a few years, and it always worked.. SEEMS THAT TEAMVIEWER HAS A NEW WAY TO LOCK US OUT, lets figure this one out guys, they want WAY TO MUCH money for the program.

  12. Agree with the above. Changed once, then once alerted, tried to change it again, defaulted back to the original ID. Theres got to be a new piece in TV9 thats doing this. Just changing the mac no longer works. I even tried a new wifi adapter, same thing!

  13. Well I have figured out 2 things the 1st thing is that if you are using nt6 or later such as vista win7 win 8 etc. as long as you use teamviewer 7 build 14536 or earlier, you can just change the volume id and you will get a new teamviewer id every time. if you use any version of team viewer later than that such as 7 build 15723 or higher e.g. teamviewer 8 9 etc. whatever then it will automatically make that newer id that can either be ID1 lets say or ID2 when you change your mac.

    2nd point If you are using nt5 such as windows 2000, XP server2003 etc. All you have to do is install say TV7 build 14536 or earlier first us it once and then upgrade. Once you have upgraded to teamviewer 9 (Note the ID will match the old version) and keep using until you start getting the dreaded 5 minute log off warning, uninstall it completely remove all traces from the registry and then change the harddrive volume id with volumeid.exe, Restart the computer after changing, install teamviewer 7 and you will now have a new ID and when you upgrade back to 9 again it will keep the id.

    Basically what I am saying is that you can keep changing the ID in windows vista and higher as long as you have an older build of TV 6 or 7, And you can keep changing the TV ID of any version as long as you have windows server 2003 or earlier.

  14. Oh and one more thought, To all those out there who are helping your friends, Until I figure out how to truely change the ID in windows vista and higher.

    I would actually use a program called vmware player (which emulates a full working computer), I would then install a bare bones copy of windows XP inside it then I would download a little program to the windows xp emulation called volumeid.exe by Marc Russianovich to change the volume id of the C: partition inside. Then I would from browser in windows xp go to “Oldapps.com” and look for Teamviewer 6 build 13992 or teamviewer 7 build 14536 or older and then as stated in my post above, install it and run it once then use the latest version of tv and it should match the ID of the old version and again once you have exhausted your teamviewer use just simply uninstall delete left over reg keys change the volume id to a new made up one restart the virtual comp, then reinstall the old teamviewer run it once again it will now have a new id then close it and upgrade to the latest version again and use it and when you get the 5 minutes of death just repeat the steps.

  15. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    At TeamViewer’s site, they state they use multiple ways to identify if someone is connecting to more than just a few computers, which then triggers the “commercial use suspected” frustration.

    In versions 6 and early version of 7, they used the Hard Drive ID Number Windows assigns the drive at installation. Perhaps they still use this, along with the NIC MAC address? So, changing only just one of these will ultimately fail.

    It is also possible they are now using the MAC address in your Router and/or modem along with the Windows Hard Drive ID Number and the NIC MAC. Or, maybe even the User Account name on your PC or Mac.

    Going back to using the earlier versions of TeamViewer is fine as long as you do not need to connect remotely to a Mac computer that is running Mavericks. Sadly, TeamViewer 7 and 6 do not work when connecting remotely to Mavericks OS.

    Either way, please note that just deleting the TeamViewer files and registry entries and changing the NIC MAC address will NOT be enough to stop the commercial use suspected message from eventually returning. If you use Teamviewer and connect to more than just a few different computers, you will eventually get commercial use suspected.

    We need an expert who can see exactly what the multiple identifiers sent to TeamViewer servers that we would have to change in order to get a new ID each time when needing to start fresh. No one has been able to do it for a long time now, Good luck.

  16. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    JoJoLove, a program called Hard Disk Serial Number Changer can change the Drive Serial Number successfully on Win 7 & 8. I tested it, and when using TeamViewer 7, the TeamViewer server will issue a new ID number, as you’d expect. But unfortunately, even if you delete TV 9 after you upgraded from 7 and start with a clean virtual drive, change the ID, reinstall 7 (which will successfully give you a new TV ID in 7…once you upgrade that 7 to the new 9, TV gives 9 the same exact ID it had before.

    TV 9 does not simply use the ID version 7 used, as you wrote above, even if 7 gets a different ID every time the HD Serial changes.

    TV 9 probably is using its own formula, which has nothing to do with what is in the registry, or the HD serial. Could be a combo of things they use, such as NIC MAC, User Acct. Name, Modem or Router MAC, or even User Acct. Name.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know your idea above on the 16th did not work for me, even though it was a good plan. Now, of course, I am using Windows 8.1 on my virtual machine. Maybe your idea will only work with XP on the virtual drive? But again, the HD Serial Changer is successful on 8.1.

  17. O-Qua Tangin Wann:

    What you are saying is correct but not when it comes to windows xp. I have proven that in windows xp, as long as you install teamviewer 6 older version first then upgrade, it will trick tv 9 into keeping whatever id tv 6 If you want to exchange e-mails I will prove it.

  18. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Hi JoJo,

    If you read the last paragraph I wrote above on August 24th, you will see I said “Maybe your idea will only work with Windows XP.”

    You are correct. In Windows XP, if one changes the hard drive serial, and then starts with a fresh copy of the older TeamViewer, a new ID will generate from TeamViewer. Then, if desired, one can put in TV 9, and TV 9 will inherit the new ID.

    I appreciate all the info you posted above.

  19. Sorry about that, And you welcome. Also another trick that some guy posted that works is if you install a fresh copy of windows in a windows virtual machine and enable “undo disks” before ever installing TV 9 or whatever, you can actually just install teamviewer fresh and get a new ID every time. So At least for now. there are 2 ways to use it until they either go down in price or we find a good work around.

  20. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Thank you, JoJo.

    For a long time, I was using TeamViewer Portable, early 7 version on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It was so easy. I made everyone simply download TV Quick Support 7 file, which TV still allows. I could connect to either Windows or Mac. When the commercial use suspected popped up, I did a quick HD serial number change, rebooted, and simply ran the same TV Portable 7 and got a new ID. It was foolproof and so fast. And it still works today!

    Problem is Apple released Mavericks. TV 7 Quick Support does not work on Mavericks (OS 10.9). Only TV 9 works on Mavericks. (TV 7 Quick Support works on all prior Mac operating systems, and still works on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.)

    This forced me to hunt down another alternative for when I have to connect to just computers running Mavericks.

    By the way, I tested the running of Windows 8 in Parallels Virtual Machine where I set it to “undo disks” where it launches a brand new copy of Windows each time it runs. TV 9 did not change the User ID each time. (I did not test it with Windows XP in the Virtual Machine.)

    Anyway, using TV 7 Portable Version and TV 9 Portable Version makes it really fast to get back up and running once the commercial use suspected thing hits. (Nothing to install, just a copy and paste, of course.) So, I am satisfied. And to make things faster with XP, I use a solid state hard drive. So, the work around you were so kind to share above is perfect for me…and again, I really appreciate it and say thanks.

  21. Hey I found something, if you scroll up to the name cuchuoi and click on that youtube link and just download the SID changer in the description basically use the older teamviewer 6 or 7 build 14536 as n that is the last build you can use, copy the sid changer either 32 or 64 bit to a folder, now change the volume id of your hard drive then run cidchg -f -r and then after the machine reboots. not only will that teamviewer version have a new id but the latest version of 9 will now inherit that id as well. Pretty cool.

  22. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Thank you, JoJo. So, what I am getting from the Cuchoi info is that TeamViewer changed from just using the HD ID Number (back in early TV 7 and TV 6) to a combo of the LAN’s MAC address and the Serial ID Number Windows generates for the user account.

    I am happy someone finally figured out what TV uses to track the computer connecting to its servers.

    Now, JoJo, you came up with a way where one can avoid the changing of the LAN MAC address. As you wrote, just simply change the HD ID number, then run the SID changer. After reboot, TV 7 early version or TV 6 will have new ID, and then TV 9 will inherit the new ID. Bravo! I look forward to trying this with Windows 8.1. Thank you!

  23. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Success. But now that the TV company will know their “detection formula” has been figured out, watch them eventually change the formula.

    JoJo, using Win 8.1 and TV 9 Portable Version: I ran the HD Serial Number Changer and then the SID Changer sidchg64.exe via Admin DOS prompt, then rebooted. TV 9 Portable version got a new ID all on its own. I did not first have to run TV early version of 7 to get new ID.

    (I did not test using TV 9 normal installation version. Again, I only use TV 9 Portable version, which does not require an install, or write anything to the Registry.)

    The only minor pain in the neck: Changing the SID causes any custom Windows Action Center settings to revert to default. So, if you turned off any of the messages in the action center settings, you have to turn them off again after the SID change. No big deal, of course.

    (I made an error in my previous comment. SID stands for “Security Identifier.” I called it Serial Identifier Number by mistake.)

  24. Will try this, thanks! My impressions are that more and more users are moving away from TV with the increased security changes.


  25. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Leever, you are so right. I would absolutely gladly pay that for lifetime (all future versions included). But not only do they want $700, they do not make it apply to future versions. For example: If one paid $700 for TV 7, the company requires you to pay more money to get TV 9. And as I mentioned, TV 7 does not work on Macs with Mavericks.

  26. Use a VM…refresh your mac address…uninstall teamviewer 9….download and install teamviewer 8…then connect, do the upgrade…back in business.

  27. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Well, TeamViewer 10 is out. I have not yet had a chance to test if the company made any changes in the way it identifies computers making connections, which would disable the known workarounds to resetting. I hope not, of course.

  28. I am also getting “commercial use suspected” and it terminates the session after 5 minutes. Previously the deleting TV folder and registry and change MAC address worked but not this time round. Tried cuchuoi method and it worked perfectly.

  29. I tested and it works with tv10 as well. Basically you stop the TV service turn off internet change volumeid restart then change sid then restart again enable internet and new TV ID.

  30. Thanks, JoJo. Coincidentally, I finally got a copy of TeamViewer 10 Portable. (I only use the TV Portable versions so I do not have to install anything, etc.) You are correct that luckily v10 still works. Incidentally, you do not have to reboot after the VolumeID change. After the VolumeID is changed and it says you have to reboot, just close the VolumeID Changer program. Then run the SID changer procedure.)

  31. Actually You do have to perform that second restart after the first change and Also I have some bad news. I am running a machine with windows 8 embedded industry enterprise 64bit and those steps do not change the TV ID and it seems as if nothing changes the ID of TV 10 not even the MAC address trick works so with 9 I can change the ID once, With 10 I cant even change the ID Period. I dont get it, I mean it does work well in windows 7 32bit.

  32. I am running Windows 8.1 Professional 64 Bit on 2 separate systems. I am using TV version 10 Portable, which can be downloaded at PortableApps Website. TV Portable just unzips all the program’s files to a directory of your choice. Simply run the TV executable. There is nothing to install, and nothing saved in the Registry or any other place.

    When Commercial Use Suspected rears its ugly head, I run the HD Volume ID Changer as Admin. I typically just change one number and close the program after it says to reboot for the change to be in effect. I do not reboot. I then run the Admin Elevated CMD and then run the SID Changer with the /R command so the system will auto reboot.

    TV gets a new ID every time. And again, I never have to reboot twice like you said you have to do.

    I do not know anything about Win 8 Embedded version, so perhaps there is something in that version causing TV 10 scenario to fail.

  33. Please@Nomail.com

    Teamviewer 10 works on SID….
    Do Full uninstall follow guidelines in this article
    Run sysprep
    Change Mac if you want but for me it worked with out changing mac adresses.

  34. Chrome gives me a warning when I try take a look at Ammyy, it is also more than a year old which bothers me. I think I’ll skip it, thanks.

  35. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Ammyy doesn’t work on the Mac OS. TeamViewer allows you to connect to either Windows or Mac computers.

  36. Hello ,
    after your step it’s working good but after few days again same problem and again try this setting & change mack add….But problem still working…

  37. Do not use Ammyy, it could be spyware as it has encrypted binaries(security troigh obscurity) and also there are found exploits for Ammyy .

  38. I tested changing the SID of Windows 7 under VMware using SIDCHG and using the latest TeamViewer 10 Portable, I got a new ID every time.

    So, right now, it appears that the SID is the key value to change to get a new TV ID…

  39. It looks like TV 10 uses the Windows SID now to flag as commercial use. Not the MAC addresses any longer. I don’t think unless the SID is changed that this will work any longer. 🙁

  40. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    TeamViewer 10 absolutely uses the Windows SID along with the Windows-generated Hard Drive ID Number to identify connections.

    If you attempt to use SID Changer software program to change your Windows 10 SID number, your Windows 10 User Account will break. (In Windows 8, SID Changer program did not break the user account. It just altered some settings.)

  41. Why not use Chrome Remote Desktop here:- chrome.google.com/remotedesktop

    It’s completely free with no nagging screens, allows you to list your computers on your own account and you can use remote assistance for technical support with an access key.

    Does the same as TeamViewer but much better!

  42. Or you can email Support@teamviewer.com with your log file attached which is located in %appdata% -> Roaming -> Teamviewer and in the email include a section saying how you use team viewer and they remove your ID within a day and your expired message is removed :).

  43. The simple answer to this is to use another free service of your choice, like Chrome Remote Desktop. Once TeamViewer losses a big percentage of their customers, then they might consider freeloaders again.

    Never have been a great fan of TeamViewer with all the nagging screen since day one. Don’t know why people like it so much!

  44. With Chrome Remote Desktop, you have to tell people when they call for help that they must first download and install Chrome (many use Firefox, Safari, or IE, and don’t have it already installed). Then they have to create a Chrome log-in account. Then they have to install the remote desktop app. Good luck doing all that on the phone first with an older person who might be computer challenged.

    With TeamViewer, you point them to TV’s home page via any browser, and then have them click the blue Join Remote Control Session button and run the download, and then read you the numbers. Couldn’t be faster or easier. (You can also email people the TV Quick Support file, etc.)

    As of this posting, SID Changer still breaks the Windows 10 User Account, so do not use it until they can truly make it not damage the user account.

  45. This method only work 3 times for me and now, my TV ID cant change even i did same step almost 10 times. hahahaha….

  46. This actually worked for me on a Windows 10:

    – Do all the removing and cleaning as mentioned above.
    – Disable all the network cards from Device manager
    – Plug in a USB wifi dongle (£2 one will work just fine)
    -Don’t connect to the internet just yet
    – Install TeamViewer
    – After install is complete, connect to the internet.
    -Happy days.

    Cannot guarantee how many times it will work, but as said TeamViewer free should be used only for personal use.

    If you need to use it for commercial use and you find it too expensive (which is understandable for small businesses or one man bands) I very strongly suggest to look into AnyDesk way cheaper with Free option as well and imho much smoother and faster connection.

  47. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Microsoft Windows assigns an SID number-letters identifier to your user account and assigns a Hard Disk Serial Number-Letters identifier to your hard drive. These identifiers are sent to TeamViewer’s servers when you run TV. It is required. TV matches these numbers to an ID number they assign your TV program.

    If you connect to more than a few computers, you will get Commercial Use Suspected, as you know.

    The only way to stop Commercial Use Suspected once it occurs is to send TV a different SID and HD Serial Number. If you reformat, Windows will issue you new SID and HD Serial Number, which is why you get a new TV ID number.

    If you restore from a Virtual Machine Snapshot, your SID and HD Serial Number is the same, which is why you get the same TV ID number as before.

    It is sad it is so hard to create both an SID spoofer and HD Serial Number spoofer that could run together when TV is launched which would send TV changed numbers every time.

  48. When running TV on my laptop Win 7 x64 I get the minute cutoff. I tried all of the changing SID’s, MAC address etc. It just doesn’t work consistently. But now I’m using Win 10 x64 in a VMWare session and I don’t get the cutoff. Soon I will be kicked off and I just create a new VMWare session. It’s a little bit long, but it means I can connect to any of my customers in the time it takes to start up VMWare Workstation.

  49. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Beret, I assume you are saying you have to create a brand new Windows 10 installation inside VMWare each time TV eventually catches on that you are connecting to too many different computers. Creating a brand new Win 10 installation inside VMWare of course would get you a new TV User ID Number (which would reset the computer connection count) because you’d have a brand new Windows-generated SID for that User Account and brand new Windows-generated Hard Drive Volume ID.

    If one has to create a whole new Windows 10 installation inside VMWare every time one gets “Commercial Use Suspected,” yes it would be “a little bit long” as you wrote. But of course it does work and is a current foolproof option (assuming TV doesn’t eventually change its identification system because they know people can do this).

  50. the solution is to change the windows sid tried it on win 7 and 8 win all versions of this product either 8.9, 10, 11 .. And so far done so eh no less than 50 times and always change the id..Realizar one Sysprep generalize and if they run out rearmed can search as done .. I’ll take 50 times echo in my win 7 ..

  51. What do I do if it won’t allow me to delete all of the items in my ‘temp’ folder. I always get stuck with like 2 or 4 files that can’t be deleted because its says it’s being used. I mean I only have my internet explorer open so that I can follow the instructions. I probably will try changing the MAC address manually per your directions because I am running WiFi and see if that works

  52. Dear all,

    Today I performed the steps up to the deletion of registry keys, but couldn´t change the MAC address of my NIC. Then downloaded Teamviewer again. Ran it and set it up to run only. Upon starting, it read “a new free license has been enabled in this computer, for non-commercial use only” and it works flawlessly. I did not check whether the machine’s teamviewer ID changed, but it might be the case.


  53. Hi,
    Thank you for this tutorial, it works perfectly on Windows 10.
    I have the same issue with my Android phone, do you have a solution ?
    Thank you !

  54. I think that after I replace hard drive with SSD and installed new windows 10 onto my computer and then added it as a new computer it changed to thinking I am trying to fake it out or something. Worked great for long time on old OS (same computer different hard drive) but now it died.

  55. worked like a charm on Windows server 2012 R2, Thank You! performed all the steps other than the SID change. changed the mac address (easy on a VMware VM, can be changed in the virtual machine properties) and now have a different teamviewer ID so the commercial use message has gone!

    I do recommend you buy teamviewer if you are using it commercially, however for someone like me running a home lab the Price is a bit steep : /

  56. This worked as of Feb 2017. Also worth noting i changed my computer name as well. I read TV logs that along with Mac address.

  57. Thx! this worked for me, the only thing that specified command didn’t found but that make no sense. I switched from LAN to wifi so it worked) thanks)

  58. Unfortunatly SID get’s changed and messes with Hotmail accounts if you use it. I imagine that the work around is to go to local account and try it then.

  59. I followed the instructions and it worked! Thank you.
    I had tried other methods, but the SID change is essential.
    Good job!

  60. Yes it works, but after some time gets same message again. I tried using a cracked version on TV 13 and it worked now have the premium license for free, unfortunately – the moment I decided to try their new interface it showed trial expiring in 7 days …
    Any idea how to go past that…

  61. I agree with Boris, I’ve just tried and first it works, but after a day the “client” has been suspected!
    Maybe has to execute this steps on both machines “client” and “server”?

  62. What do you think about “TVTools AlterID_2.0” ?
    It works for me, but I don’t really know if I can trust this “id changer”.

  63. I executed steps below (on both machines) and ‘voila’: till now I have not problem
    (since february the 28th)

  64. Madison Knight

    Actually, I think this can work with Windows 10, but you have to use the updated version of sidchg. Which you can get from the developers website: http://www.stratesave.com/html/sidchg.html He offers a trial version with a key listed on his site. If you use it much, though, you can get a paid version. I went through all the steps using the latest sidchg and it worked. Now my TeamViewer no longer says suspected commercial use.

  65. SID change is essential, but after that I can’t login my microsoft account (Win 10 Pro). It said login with temporary profile.

  66. ok, i do not use TV for commercial use, i am just a the guy all my friends always ask, but i do not get money for it, also my dad , my son or my girlfried or my second laptop i do look on.

    i have a teamviewer account, but this one is with my works address email.
    maybe is should change that and create a new profile.

    my son’s windows computer makes problems now. (i cannot connect to it, i get the damn message)
    i will try to create a new ID with the tips from here.

    what can i do if i get problems on my macbooks? i have El Capitan on it (MacOS 10.11.6)

  67. I’m like the rest of you guys, this is third time Team viewer has shut me down as suspected commercial use, I sent them email last 2 times and explained I use this only to help friends out and they won’t me to send log file to them and bingo its was turned back on,something in the log file points to why it goes down but don’t know what at this time, in mean time I got frustrated with them and started using free program call Any Desk and works great but I still like Team Viewer if only they would drop the price to a reasonable price say 39 to 89.00 a year so that I and others could afford it, there price is ridiculous for the majority of the people or better yet let the programmers that wrote AnyDesk dress it up a little and we could all just use it,,

  68. How ironic that a program that says it’s good for removing bundleware (IOBit uninstaller) comes with… wait for it… wait for it… BUNDLEWARE!!!!

  69. Hello!
    The licence key (passed with sidchg) is now expired 🙁

    Can we have a new key?

    Best regards,

  70. Is this still working? Cause it only works for me for just one day, the next day I get again the detected commercial use window. I only change the SID in the computer I use to control another remote computer. Maybe I have to run sidchg in this remote computer too?

  71. Works with Windows 10 64 bit and TeamViewer 13.2.

    What I did is also was run CCleaner and look for TeamViewer anywhere in the registry.

  72. worked fine on a laptop with win10 and teamviewer14. did all the steps. thanks an awful lot!

    and no, i’m not using it commercially, so wtf!?

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