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Gmail slow to collect mail from your POP3 server

Are you finding that emails take a long time to show up in Gmail.
This is a drawback with the free Gmail mail client as it fetches emails with a low frequency, usually only once per hour.

Improving Gmail mail collection

Forcing Gmail to collect mail

First you can try click the refresh button inside of Gmail. I find it doesn’t always work for me. If not then …

To see when Gmail last collected mail and as a 2nd way to force collection. Open Settings, upper right corner in Gmail, then click See all settings, choose the tab Accounts and Import, scroll down to the Check email from other accounts section and finally click the Check mail now.
You can see when mail was last checked under each mail address you have.

Gmail POP3 Checker

Here is a browser plugin & userscript that will fetch your Gmail more frequently and give you a button to force fetching.


Gmail POP3 Checker is a Userscript you can install in either Chrome or Firefox. The scipt lets you increase the speed Gmail checks external accounts (POP3). Without this script, Gmail will only check external accounts once per hour. This script and server are supported by donations.

Free: The free version makes a request every 12 minutes. That’s 5x faster than Gmail’s default! You can also click on the countdown to POP3 immediately.

Mail Forwarding

Another option is to rather forward your email directly to your Gmail account.

One drawback is that you will need to manually select the “send mail as” for each reply to an email not from your native inbox.

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