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Managing companies in Invoice Ninja

Add a company

  • Click the drop-down arrow in the top-left corner of Invoice Ninja then select Add Company

Edit Company Details

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Company Details under Basic Settings
  • Select the company you want to view settings for from the drop-down widget in the top-left corner
  • Enter the company details in the relevant fields
  • Add your company logo by selecting the Logo tab and clicking the Upload Logo button
  • make sure to Save once done

Adding a User

  • Select Settings>User Management
  • Click Create and input the user details
  • Change the Notifications and Permissions for the specific user
  • Click Save


It’s not possible to use phpMyAdmin to change an Invoice Ninja password. If you copy the password field from a known user, you can use that users password however.

Reset a password

  • Log Out of Invoice Ninja
  • On the Login screen and select Recover Password
  • Enter the email address for the Invoice Ninja account
  • An email will be sent to your email
  • Reset the password 

Change a password with MySQL

You’ll need server access to be able to run these commands

  • php artisan tinker
  • $user = User::find(1); in tinker, where 1 is the user ID (Find the ID of the user to update in the DB)
  • $user->password = Hash::make(‘yournewpasswordhere’);
  • $user->save(); 

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