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Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress Full Versions & Updates

The most current updates are available here https://pastelupdate.sagesouthafrica.co.za/ & for Payroll https://payrollupdate.sagesouthafrica.co.za/totsol/

Full versions of Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress for re-installing to help fix problems with Pastel. I’ve also put updates for upgrading clients to the latest version.

If you are looking for a replacement for an older version of Xpress that offers a perpetual license – I can recommend Xpress StartUp 18 Single User Single Company 

At this stage Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up Version 18 is the only software that is not subject to an Annual Licencing Fee (ALF). It might change in the future, but if you purchase the software at this time, Sage cannot enforce an annual licence to its existing client. (if it changes are made in the future, licences will be prospective from the time that it is changed, and will only apply to new sales)

HOC = History of Changes

The versions I have listed are the only readily available versions Sage Pastel has on offer. Need a more obscure version, I suggest asking on the forums.

Serial corresponds to version

Every version has its own unique serial number:

V11 – Starts with – K
V12 – Starts with – L
V14 – Starts with – N
V17 – Starts with – Q
V18 – Starts with – G
Sage 50c/V19 – Starts with an O


  • As far as I recall Pastel Partner 11.3.2 is version 11.3.1 with Bank Manager installed

Download Links

If you click the blue box below it will open up another window to my OneDrive storage with all the Sage Pastel install files I have. Files that say “setup” are full install packages and files with “update” are updates to the version stated usually from the previous version.

If you have something I don’t have, please send it to me and I’ll add it.

OneDrive Folder Structure

  • Sage Pastel
    • Partner
      • 19
        • Debtors Manager
        • Sage Intelligence
      • 18
        • Debtors Manager
        • Sage Intelligence
      • 17
        • Debtors Manager
        • Sage Intelligence
      • 14
      • 12
      • 11
      • 10 aka 2009
      • 2007
      • 2005
      • 2004
      • 5
    • Xpress
      • 19
      • 18
      • 17
      • 14
      • 12
      • 11
      • 10 aka 2009
      • 2007
    • Accounting
      • 6
      • 5
    • Auditor
      • 3
    • POS
      • 19
      • 18
      • 17
      • 14
    • Pervasive
      • 13
      • 10
      • 9
      • 8
    • Connected Services
    • Additional Downloads – incl help files and the SDK
    • Payroll

I’m looking for the following files …

Sage Pastel Partner

Full Install

  • 19.1.1 – HOC.pdf
  • 18.2.1 [3020]
  • 14.1.3 [1111]

Build Updates

  • 18.1.1 [3011]

Sage Pastel Xpress

Full Install

  • 19.3.1
  • 19.2.3
  • 19.2.1
  • 19.1.1 – HOC.pdf
  • 17.1.2 [207]
  • 14.1.3 [1.1.11]

Build Updates

  • List

Possible Sources

65 thoughts on “Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress Full Versions & Updates”

  1. I have just received notice that an annual license is now due (Feb 2018)on Xpress V17 from Sage themselves. Is this something I can argie with them based on your comment above???

  2. Hi Yes you may but remember then you would not be able to enjoy any new features nor online support for your excisting package should Sage allow you to re register after your initial 12 month term of using the software as purchased outside of the new line of product offerings.

    Bert 082 469 5314

  3. Good Afternoon,

    We use Pastel Xpress version 11 since 2011.

    What bothers me is that we have since 2011 never downloaded updates.

    How can i bring this up to date? Do i need to bring this up to date.

    If we don’t pay an annual license fee, how are we going to get the Vat settings changed?

  4. Hello I hope you can advise. I bought a pastel xpress start up version 14.0.9 and have used it for two years on my laptop which is now breaking. I was hoping to reinstall it onto my new windows 10 PC which I have now done. I made a back-up from the laptop and have tried to restore it to the pc. I am told in a message that my laptop version is newer than my PC version so it must have updated while I was using it to version 14.1.1 – I now have the problem that my newly downloaded pastel will not update to version 14.1.1. I tried calling the help line but apparently my time has expired and they sent me a quote for R2999 for support and the latest version which I can just not afford at the moment. This is more than I paid for my original software! Is there anyway I can get my pastel to work on my PC?

  5. Hi Grant, I am on the Pastel Express Version 12 12.1.1. I have been trying to get hold of Pastel Support since 08:00 this morning to no avail. I just want to change my vat percentage to 15%. I get a recording, not every time I dial the number though, telling me to go to my browser and type in an instruction. She is so quick in giving you the instruction, that I do not have time to write it down and they do not repeat it. Is it possible for you to please e-mail me with the instructions just to change from 14% to 15%. It is so frustrating, I have not been able to do any invoicing today as I need the change.

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  6. Wikus Terblanche

    Hi Grant

    We are currently running Pastel Partner V14.1.1, but for the VAT update, you need to have V14.2.2.
    I have looked at your downloads available, but do not know if you first have to follow all steps building up to your final build.

    If you can help me here, Pastel is a no go to day and probably this week.

    Thank you

  7. Please help we are currently running Pastel Express 14.0.5 how do i do the vat update can not get hold of Pastel

  8. Hi there, kindly assist.
    I use Pastel Xpress V17 – I have paid the annual registration fee but I can’t reach the Call center with regards to the Software that still displays in view only mode for 48hrs now….it usually takes 24hrs to automatically reset….I am now downloading the latest PSQL Version ?? Please advice if im on the right track.

  9. Why is it you think you can’t reach them? Is it perhaps because everyone and his dog is trying to reach them to sort similar VAT adjustment issues out?
    Wrong track … install the Workgroup version and not Server. Server is for server’s and serving Pastel to a network of computers.

  10. Good morning
    I have upgraded to V18 …downloaded as instructed by Sage Pastel call centre agent. However it is not linking to all users …We have 5 users
    Please assist

  11. I’m neither a magician nor a mind reader! I need far more information to begin to understand what the possible issue is. I can assist, you would need to call me to explain and so that I can ask pertinent questions. My hourly fee is R450. Unless you have messed up royally this should take under 2hours.

  12. good day. please can you explain the purpose of Pervasive. I have not used it u[p to now, as far as i am aware

  13. Hi Sue, you most certainly have used Pervasive but not directly. It is the database management system for Sage Pastel Xpress & Partner. Without it, Pastel does not work.

  14. v18 was updated, but the interface and short cut keys has changed alot, make it very difficult to use, getting intermitten freezes/crashed after v18.2.1 updated. Is there anyway to fix it? especially bring the short cut keys back?

  15. Hi Grant
    Where do I get a full version download of Pastel Express V7.1.1 ?
    All I can get is V17.1.2

    I need to upgrade from Pastel Express 2007, I believe I will need version 12.1.6 to do that conversion, correct?
    I have downloaded V12.1.6 can I register this version even though it’s so old?

  16. HI Grant
    I hope you can help me, my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall Pastel Partner again version 11 now the Pastel doesn’t want to open my files it says it was opened by a later version of Pastel version 11. I have Pastel 11.3.2 is there a newer build for after that one?

  17. Hi Grant
    I am currently running Pastel Partner V14.0.5. I updated to 14.2.1 and want to download V14.2.2, but when I run the update I get the following message:
    This installation may require additional dependencies. Without its dependencies, Sage Pastel Accounting Partner Version 14 may not work correctly. Would you like to find the original setup.exe?
    When I press yes, there is nothing.
    Can you please help?

  18. Good Morning Grant, I would just like to thank-you so much for these links…you are a legend!!!

  19. Hi Anton
    That version does not show up in the usual places. Are you sure there is an 11.3.2? I’ve only ever seen 11.3.1
    cheers, Grant

  20. Hi there,

    When installing pervasive v10wge on workstation for Pastel Parnter v14 – do you install pervasive as an application or service?


  21. I have downloaded the full installation of accounting partner v18, i need a serial number and access code to activate, were can i get one

  22. Hi, It tells me that the decimal/thousand separators for the number and currency formats are not the same please change your windows settings where do I change this and how?

  23. If your Pastel is registered, open Pastel and click Help then About, you can then see your Base Serial. Otherwise, you should have received this when you bought Pastel.

  24. Hello

    Thinking of getting Xpress start up V18.
    Will I have problems restoring data from Pastel Accounting partner V18 to the xpress version


  25. Good morning
    My pastel software express 13 has switched to demo mode and sage wants me to pay for upgrade and annual fee
    How do i upgrade without paying this ridiculous amount

  26. Hi Grant

    I have downloaded V11 with your link and from the Sage website. On both these downloads the setup starts and right after the Ï agree to these terms and conditions” a message comes up saying that the installation was interrupted and could not install. Any ideas why this could be and how to fix it?

  27. After recently experiencing problems with Windows 10, I decided to re-install Windows 7 Home Basic — Naturally, this meant reinstalling all my programs (including Pastel Xpress version 11.)
    Whenever I run the setup file from this or any other download of Xpress version 11 (even the one from the official site), I get an error saying:
    “The Wizard was interrupted before Pastel Xpress version 11 could be installed. Your system was not modified. To continue setup later, please run the wizard again.”

  28. Hi Corrie, I haven’t installed Xpress 11 in a while so I’m not sure why it would hang. Have you installed Pervasive? Make sure it is the version of Pervasive listed in your license.

  29. Hi Grant!

    Thanks for the reply! As it turns out, it pays to read through blogs *before* posting in the comments… (Nervous laugh).

    Just after posting, I saw someone asking you the exact same question and that you suggested installing Pervasive before trying to install Pastel.

    My second post is to thank you and provide proof to other people that stumble upon your blog, that your advice worked! Your blog literally saved me.

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to paste the link to your page containing the downloads for Pervasive in my comment so that people can easily find it: https://handshake.co.za/2017/pervasive-workgroup-versions-sage-pastel/

    Thanks again,


  30. Doepie du Plessis

    Hi Grant.

    Hope you can help me. I have a new laptop and installed my legal Xpress version 12, build 12.1.1. My backup will not restore on it because, i think, that the Xpress build on my old laptop was 12.1.6. Anyway, i installed the 12.1.6 update on my new laptop and when i try to open Xpress i get the following error: “Server out of sync” “The pastel version on the server is out . Server version:1216. Local version : 1214. Please upgrade to the latest version.”

    Thanks in advance

  31. Hi. When installing V12.1.6 (whether from CD or your installation), the installation hangs at the end, stating:” Preparing to install…”, in a Windows Installer window and the Sage Pastel Xpress Installation Wizard is standing still at approx. 95%. If I shut down the computer, it seems the installation was completed, but I cannot be sure, as I have further problems when bringing the companies over to the new installation. Would you know it hangs at that point? Has anyone else had similar issues?

  32. Do you have a license for 12.1.6? What OS is on your PC. I would not trust an install that does not complete fully. I have not seen this issue before.

  33. HI, trying to reinstall my pastel version 11 the following error comes up; error 1330 a file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file D:\products\xpress\BMWalk~1.cab has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate the cabinet file is corrupt. Error 268 was returned by WinVerifyTrust

  34. Hi I have bought sage pastel partners 2007 new and did not use it for many years as I became ill with canser
    Can I resell this program or is that just a lost now.

  35. Good day.

    I had to wipe and reinstall my Windows software (Windows 10), meaning I am starting with a clean slate. Upon installing Xpress 11 from my installation CD, I encountered an issue of the digital signature is an issue. Upon trying to find solutions, I came upon this site and tried to install this version from your download file. But now I have an issue of the following error message…..
    Error 1311 Source file not found: C:\Users\zenda\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp1_Xpress11.zip\Xpress\Eng.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

    How can I reinstall my version 11 without these issues?

  36. Thanks Grant, much appreciated for this site. Always a challenge getting these installs without support from Pastel.

  37. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. When I accessed my pastel this morning (Express 11.3.1) a message showed that one or more of have been deleted from my company list through my OS. I am unable to add the companies as it does not allow for that option

  38. Hi, my pastel is telling me one or more companies have been deleted from my company list. i am using pastel partner 2009 build 10.2.4 can the data from the companies be recovered?

  39. Your data should be recoverable because it is unlikely it got deleted in the first place. It is just that Pastel has lost access to it for some reason.

  40. Stephanie Swanson

    Good day Grant,

    I need your assistance please.

    I had Pastel partner 2009 (CD version 6.0.2 – build 10.1.2 – batch 001)

    my original cd is damaged and reinstalled it with (DVD version 10.0.0 )

    I now receive a message stating that the company was created in an older version of pastel and cant open. can you assist with the update for the right company please.


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