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We couldn’t update System Reserved Partition in Windows 10/11

To upgrade your Windows 10/11 device, you need to use the appropriate method below to free up +-15MB of space on the System Reserved Partition (SRP) and then the upgrade should work.

Freeing up space on System Reserved Partition

Firstly try freeing up space on your System Reserved Partition (SRP).

Determine whether the SRP is a GPT or MBR partition

1. In the Windows Search bar type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter

2. Right-click on the Drive that you boot from, and select Properties. Switch to the Volumes tab, and you can see the partition style: either GUID Partition Table (GPT) or Master Boot Record (MBR).

Steps for Windows 10/11 with GPT partition

Open a Command Prompt in Administrator Mode, mount the SRP as drive Q: changing to the fonts folder and then deleting the files in that folder. The command to do it are below. You can cut and paste this into the elevated command prompt and hit enter.

mountvol q: /s 
cd EFI\Microsoft\Boot\Fonts
del *.* [Type Y and press Enter to complete file deletion]

Extend System Reserved Partition

You cannot resize or extend your system reserved partition with Windows 10/11’s built-in Disk Management tool.
This requires moving partitions on your drive to enable extending the SRP. Proceed with caution if this is Greek to you.

Make sure your data is backed up before beginning!

You can download a portable partition tool here

Free Portable Partition Managers

https://www.resize-c.com/howto/paragon-partition-manager-portable-free-alternative.html – I have not teseted either of the partition managers on this linked page


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