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XPrinter XP-TT242B Ethernet IP Address Setup

Router blown or you need to setup your XPrinter without the complexity of setting your PC IP address and connecting the printer directly to your PC. You can try the following method.

You can either download the “Test Tool” from the above “Applications Download” page and extract the “Diagnostic Tool V1.028b.rar” file or download the Diagnostic Tool V1.028b.rar here and save it to your PC.

Extract the Diagnostic Tool V1.028b.rar and then run the Diagnostic Tool.exe, click on Ethernet Setup and put in your preferred IP address as well as your Gateway’s address.

If the above does not allow you to change the IP then you’ll need to first try a RESET to factory

The printer has six boot functions to be used to set or test printer hardware.

The LED color will be changed as following sequence: Purple>Blue>Red (5 blinks)>Purple (5 blinks)>Blue (5 blinks)> Solid Blue

To RESET your printer

  1. Turn off the power on your printer
  2. Keep pressing down the feed button then turn on the printer
  3. Release the button when the LED turns blue after the 5 purple blinks. (Any blue during the 5 blinks will do)

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