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Download previous versions of easyFile as well as Java and Forms Viewer

The blue box below will take you to OneDrive with all the files available or click the links further down. 7.1.4: via Dropbox, Google Drive or SARS Direct Link [30.06.2021] 7.1.3: via Dropbox, Google Drive [28.06.2021] 7.1.2: via Dropbox, Google Drive [07.06.2021] 7.1.1: via Dropbox, Google Drive [06.05.2021] 7.1.0: via Dropbox, Google Drive [15.12.2020] 7.0.9: via Dropbox, Google Drive [05.10.2020] 7.0.8: via… Read More »Download previous versions of easyFile as well as Java and Forms Viewer

SARS easyFile On a Mac

There is no Mac OS version of easyfile. If you have a non M1 based Mac, to run easyfile or other Windows based software you will need either Boot Camp which comes as part of macOS or a virtual machine like Parallels, for M1 based Mac’s you can only currently… Read More »SARS easyFile On a Mac

Payroll Software

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A resource to try assist with making sure your payroll software is up to date for easyfile. If you have anything to add, feel free to send me a comment. Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage was Sage Pastel Payroll Utility>Weblinks>Update Payroll You will also need to do a legislative update… Read More »Payroll Software