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Computer Brand Support & Warranty Details for South Africa

Warranty Status/Lookup Dell – https://www.dell.com/support/home/lv/en/lvbsdt1/ HP – https://support.hp.com/za-en/checkwarranty Lenovo – https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/za/en/warrantylookup#/ Dell warranties need to be transferred between owners. Lenovo warranties are on the machine. To get assistance, you can either call or start a service request from their website. As long as the machine has warranty you will be able… Read More »Computer Brand Support & Warranty Details for South Africa

Neat email Signature Generators

A couple of email signature generators I have used before MySigMail https://mysigmail.com/ Signature https://si.gnatu.re/ Editable for 30 days but active forever MySignature https://mysignature.io/preview/147e220ae8b3dc499981The free version only allows 1 social icon Hubspot email signature generator https://www.hubspot.com/email-signature-generator WiseStamp https://webapp.wisestamp.com/ Has branding that you can remove manually. htmlsig If you need to generate… Read More »Neat email Signature Generators