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Hi my name is Grant, welcome to my humble home, online that is. Here you will find my rant’s, ravings, ideas, thoughts, etc etc. Unlike most other blogs, many of my posts will be in a constant state of flux. I will take in to consideration comments & feedback as well as updating with new information. Right now I am not too sure how this will work or even if it will. Only time will tell.

My inspiration, passion, what my life is centered around

  • I am interested in “how” we have created through our state of mind the place we now live in.
  • Did you know that your body inherently knows what it needs at any moment in time. We have confused this innate mechanism through all the silly ideas and fads we cling to. What I mean is that kids left to their own devices without any nutritional training will choose a balanced meal. This is of course until their systems have become polluted through sugars, caffeine, Ritalin, Second-hand smoke. Which are all ultimately byproducts of our current state of mind.
  • There are no screwed up children, only screwed up environments. Children are like water, they flow to fit their environment. If they are misbehaving or unruly, it is because that is what shape their environment is.
  • Mother Nature is safe, humanity will have long destroyed itself before it does any permanent harm to the planet.
  • Joy, comes through sharing what we love. I love exploring the edges of what is known and diving into the unknown.
  • Live by example, so as little preaching as possible, more action.

Just who is this Grant Day character anyway

  • Born: 27th March 1972, yup I’m 35
  • Died: 2007 & still not dead yet
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Born in Chinese Year: Water Rat
  • Born & still live in: Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
  • Sex: Male

Want to know more, just ask and I will do my utmost to respond.

Banking Details Acc Name: Grant Day

Bank: Nedbank Current Account

Branch: Go Banking 145710

Acc no.: 1457 568 322

Ref: 21371568

2 thoughts on “about”

  1. Hi Grant, found u while searching info on my new (14 years old) Bimmer 540i A (OE62) 136,000km like bloody new. Bought yesterday for R65k. Been driving 5 series V8’s for 17 years. Best ever cars! Test drove new 3 series today. Great cars but for the guys who need ponies to show off, not warhorses.

    Read your ‘service manual’ and ABOUT, impressed I am, you show a wise spirit for a youngster. 🙂 sounds of Zen and bikes in there? (I have about 30 more years than you on the clock, but feel like a well looked after V8 BMW and for keeping grounded my wife is closer to your mileage.)

    Could be fun to share some stuff and ideas and BMW tips. (Where do I find details on why my car is an OE62? You talk about a M62.)

    Kind regards
    PS: my normal steel gonad test I do on my PPG powered Paraglider, although flooring the Bimmer comes close.

  2. Hi Gerhard, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it immensely. They’re a hell of a lot of vehicle for the money.
    They came out with a 4.4l (M62B44) updated in Sep 1998 to 4.4l (M62TUB44) with an additional 20Nm. More info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_5_Series_(E39)
    Do yourself a favour and run through the vehicle cleaning all contacts, I usually use Isopropyl Alcohol from the chemist in a spray bottle. Sometimes amazing what a difference in responsiveness it can make.
    cheers, Grant

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