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What I do and how

Web Related – domain registration, hosting, conceptualisation / design, implementation

Graphic Design – logo, page layout, label, look & feel

techno-file – Helping technology work for you

This info I will be putting somewhere soon. Just don’t know where yet.


Getting your thoughts onto paper in a cost effective manner is a matter of options.


Inkjet printers use ink held in an ink reservoir and print by moving the head over the page and squeezing tiny ink droplets onto the page.


  • Colour at a reasonable price
  • Fantastic resolution / print clarity


  • Not colour fast, get water on your print and it will run
  • Expensive to run – refilling can reduce costs drastically.
  • Slow – new printers are much faster


A laser scans back & forwards across a transfer drum changing the charge on the drum so when the drum passes through the toner, the toner sticks where the charge is now negative. This image is then transferred to the paper which then passes through a fuser rollers which through heat fuse the toner into the paper.


  • Fast
  • Colour Fast – will not smudge


  • Black & White

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