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graphic design

logo design

Need a new logo, want an old design cleaned up or digitised (converted to a format computers will recognise). The beauty of a vector based digital version of your logo is that it can be blown up to nearly any size and the quality remains crystal clear.

[When designing your logo by hand, it is best to use black ink on white paper, this way contrast is optimised for digitising.]

Does your logo fax? Put your letterhead into your fax machine and copy. This is the absolute best quality your clients will see.


corporate identity

Starts with logo design and includes letterhead, business card and other required stationary.


page layout

Brochures, flyers



Large format is basically anything A2 and beyond. A3 = 2 x A4, A2 = 2 x A3 etc.


product labeling

Need a label for your unique product.

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