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This blog, I always seem to be behind on my own site. Busy with so many other little things that come before updating handshake.

It reflects my slogan “together we can” and here I express some of my questions to current answers and generally rant a little.

A simple site to promote Kim and her delicious Cakes and Chocolates. She mainly makes wedding cakes for weddings in the Northern Drakenberg region.

LAMP Based Sites – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP


A portal for the Zululand region of KwaZulu-Natal, soon too cover the entire KZN.

20.02.08 – Thus far I have 566 establishments listed and as yet have not started marketing or promoting the site, as I am still getting the”Look & Feel” right.

Under Development

For an idea on what templates are available
Any of these can be used and applied to the site to start off the look & feel.
cheers, Grant

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  1. Hi
    I’am using Windows 10 and downloaded Easyfile 6.6.3 and also Java 7.
    I still cannot get access to Easyfile. According to SARS, Easyfile is not compatabile to Windows 10.
    Please can you advise.


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