I sometimes need to lookup cellphone provider coverage and seem to have to search the local cellphone companies sites to find where they hide their coverage maps. So here they are …

Last updated 28.03.2018

Tower Locations

Not sure how accurate this is but you can look in your area to see what towers are nearby.


Cell C Coverage Map


As you start typing in your address it will offer suggestions, select your address out of the options and you’ll see what is available in your area from the thumbs up or down.
[From homepage, click ‘Support’, then, ‘Network Coverage’]

Cell C LTE Coverage


Click the “Search a  location” box and type in your address, street and town should be enough. You can turn filters on and off to see more clearly what they offer in your area.

MTN Coverage Map


Type in your address, hit enter or click the Search icon, next select the correct address from the list.

[Click ‘Coverage’ in the top right-hand corner]

Poor MTN Coverage

Need to get help with your MTN coverage, you can contact MTN on 083 900 1212 (free from an MTN number) or email: [email protected] to assist with boosting your signal or via the web template here https://www.mtn.co.za/Pages/networkcoverage.aspx

Virgin Mobile Coverage Map


Search for your location and turn on the layer you want to check.

[From homepage, the map is under ‘Solve It > Services > Coverage Map’]

Telkom Mobile ex 8ta Coverage Map


[From homepage, scroll down the page and click ‘Help’ then ‘Check Coverage’]

Vodacom Coverage Map


To use input an address, then select one of the areas it presents and then turn-on the layers to see what coverage you should be getting.

[From homepage, Click ‘Services’ then under ‘Convenience’ select ‘Coverage map’]

Neotel/Liquid Telecom Coverage Map


To use input an address, then check a box for the service you want to search for.

[From homepage, in the pink bar near the top of the page on the right-hand side, select ‘Check Your Coverage’]

Map of all Coverage

Try http://www.gr8signal.co.za/

Poor Cellphone Signal

Do you suffer from poor cellphone signal, get hold of your provider to see if they will solve your problem by putting in a booster.


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