Do you need my assistance in getting easyfile working?

Here are the steps you need to take …

  1. Download the following files
  2. Make sure you have TeamViewer or alternatively AnyDesk installed on your computer, the version doesn’t matter –
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin
  4. Reboot your PC, so that I don’t accidentally close something you are working on
  5. Send me a WhatsApp message [084 584 7268 or click the WhatsApp Me button bottom right corner of my site] with your TeamViewer (TV) ID & password or AnyDesk closer to the allotted time – or just send a photo of the TeamViewer screen


  • I cannot be held responsible for any issues that seem to be as a result of fixing easyfile – I haven’t had any as yet but I don’t want to be blamed because I was the last one to touch the machine. i.e. what I do, should not impact any other software on your system but there is always the possibility it may – in the unlikely situation there is an issue, I will do what I can to assist
  • My current fee is R600 for a fix. No fix, no fee!

How does payment work?

  • Job complete – you are happy it is fixed
  • Please send me your billing details & email address
  • I will then generate and send you an invoice
  • Payment details are on the invoice

Be Aware

  • I may sometimes delete Windows temp files, to stop files that are cached from causing issues
  • About one in 5 machines has malware on it, I’ll notify you if it os obvious yours does
  • I very seldom refuse to work on a machine. I will not work on Windows XP or Vista at all. For Windows 7, Service Pack 1 must be installed before I start

Other Possibly Needed Files

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