Switching to Afrihost Mobile

I decided to move my Cell C account across to Afrihost Voice in 2016. I was already using a 2nd SIM with Afrihost mobile data and had enjoyed the service.

You might as well get an additional SIM if you are going through the RICA bullshit. As long as you don’t stick the SIM into a phone it will not have a number attached and hence, will not expire.

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Neat email Signature Generators

A couple of email signature generators I have used before MySigMail https://mysigmail.com/ Signature https://si.gnatu.re/ Editable for 30 days but active forever MySignature https://mysignature.io/preview/147e220ae8b3dc499981The free version only allows 1 social icon Hubspot email signature generator https://www.hubspot.com/email-signature-generator WiseStamp https://webapp.wisestamp.com/ Has branding that you can remove manually. htmlsig If you need to generate… Read More »Neat email Signature Generators