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SARS easyFile Employer – Forms Viewer Blue Dots Fix

Make sure to backup before you begin

Does your company name have or did it have any special characters in it? i.e. apostrophe’s etc.
Even if you’ve cleared the special characters in your payroll and easyfile, the issue is when you do your declaration and Accept Data it pulls the special character from SARS.

Testing to see if you have special characters in your company

Under Declaration, click View, then when you see the blue dots click File & Print then close the Forms Viewer. You should be able to see a PDF of your declaration, now you can see if the declaration has any special characters in the name or other company details.

Only if you have special characters does the rest apply to you.

Why can I see previously submitted declarations

When you view a previously submitted declaration it uses Adobe Reader in PDF format, it does not use Forms Viewer. Something is most likely wrong with the installation of your Forms Viewer.

If no ETI try this first

If you can load a backup from before you clicked Request under Declaration and Accept Data from SARS. Then do the declaration with Own Values & Use my own values.

ETI required accepting data from SARS, so the use of own values is not possible.

If the above does not work

This fix, by using your Own Values pushes the correct company details to SARS overwriting the problem details and so removing the issue for future declarations.

  • Use at your own risk
  • Make sure to backup before you begin
  • If you are not comfortable doing this procedure, I have option below for assistance
  • Terms may change at any point in time as this is a work in progress

Temporary solution

Back up the current data and restore a blank DB, linked below – User: ADMIN Password: Asdf1234%


Enter the employer details in the Add Employer tab. You can import your payroll file if there is no ETI – if you have one but again, please ensure that there are no special characters in the name or any of the company details. Then go to the RECONCILIATION>Declaration tab, select the period and then select Own Values. Complete the form with all the relevant figures.

If you do not have an import file you may have to complete the Audit values at the bottom of the EMP501 with your certificate values to be able to submit. If you have no import you can also submit it as a zero return. If it does not allow the own values on the ETI submission then submit a zero return with own values. Don’t import a file and add the employer manually without the special characters.

If the EMP501 balances you can submit it to SARS as normal

Update the UTILITIES>Utilities>EMP501 Status Dashboard until a popup of “Updates Received. Click OK to View” is received. A few clicks may be required. Then make a back up.

Restore your original data and if you submitted with certificates check the PAYE dashboard found just above the Declaration tab under Reconciliations to see your status and if the certificates have populated. If so, you need not submit again. You can leave the submission in a created state. If you really want it to show submitted then do a Disk Submission in Utilities. If a Disk Submission is done, do the declaration, the Forms Viewer should open and once completed, click on the File, then the File & Close button. A Ready to File popup should appear. You must not go the Submission screen. The SARS branch option has been removed from the Submission screen. Go directly to the Disk Submission screen in Utilities, tick the submission box and Save to Disk.

This would change the status of the certificate without sending information to SARS as they have already received it.

If you submitted with the Audit values completed or a zero return you will have to submit again after restoring the previous backup that contains the certificate information. Request a revised EMP501 which should now populate for you to complete and remove the Audit values to balance with your certificates. If balanced save and make a backup. File the EMP501 and submit it to SARS again and update the EMP501 dashboard again. Now check the result in the PAYE dashboard. If correct make a backup. ( For ETI request to re instate the Original ETI values and then Accept data to Complete all the figures on the EMP501 and then submit

You could also continue to use the new database going forward and only use the previous backup for reference purposes.

Fix with my Assistance

Below fees 1 & 2 doesn’t include ensuring easyfile is working properly. Fee 3 does include making sure easyfile is working on your PC before proceeding. If it is not working properly it will need to be fixed before you can proceed.

3 possible options I can think of

1st – FREE, you use the above instructions and you resolve it for yourself
2nd – R800 per company – Similar to the 1st but I’ll take questions and assist over WhatsApp, without getting on your PC
3rd – R1400 per company – I’ll need access via AnyDesk to assist you on your PC to go through the steps from the SARS document – [this fee depends on the state of your PC, price can double if your PC is out of date enough]

I’ll need

  1. A screenshot of your company under EMPLOYER ADMIN>View/Edit/Change>EDIT EMPLOYER
  2. I’ll need your payroll data – if you do the company manually, we can use the above screenshot to Add the Employer and then do the submission minus the IRP5 data, remember this is a temporary submission, you will redo it later and correct the information.
  3. Go to RECONCILIATION>Declaration, select the period you are having the issues with e.g. 202108 – click View then when the blue circles start click File & Print, then close the File Viewer window and you should see a copy of your declaration. Scroll to the data entry and take a screenshot or I need a spreadsheet of you declaration numbers

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