Do you use TeamViewer to assist friends with their PC’s without charging them and yet you’ve received the “Commercial Use Suspected” message. This should get you running again.
[This tutorial is not intended to bypass TeamViewer’s paid services. If you use it commercially, please pay for it.]

If you have problems with getting TeamViewer working again, please state what version of TeamViewer as well as what version of Windows.
Currently, Windows 10 doesn’t seem to take this fix.
[when typing in any of the following, remove the ‘ from before and after the text]

  • Uninstall TeamViewer using IObit Uninstaller or similar using the Powerful Scan (when installing IObit, make sure to deselect install Advanced System Care when the option comes up)
  • Click Start then type %appdata% – now delete the TeamViewer folder
  • Click Start the type %temp% and delete the contents of this folder as well as the X:\Windows\temp folder
  • Click Start then type regedit, delete the registry folder at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer & HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer if any
  • Now change your MAC address, either manually or with a tool like TMAC [I suggest changing the MAC address on both network connections, i.e. wireless and LAN]
  • [You can try without this step first to see if it works.] Open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights, browse to where you saved ‘sidchg.exe or sidchg64.exe’ and run sidchg.exe /f /r /key:3YPCr-vF9fi-R2VB7-ef for 32-bit or sidchg64.exe /f /r /key:3YPCr-vF9fi-R2VB7-ef for 64-bit Windows, make sure there is a space between the f and following / – Get the latest key from this page. SIDCHG can take a while to run. You might need to set your date to the previous month for SIDCHG to work.
  • Your PC will restart automatically after running sidchg
  • Install TeamViewer [You’ll see your PC has a new TeamViewer ID]


IObit Uninstaller [Be aware that this may try install bloatware, watch during installation.]

Portable Version

TMAC – Technitium MAC Address Changer

SID Change Utility

You need at least version 2.0b to work with Windows 10


Latest key is on this page


Portable Version

Manually changing your MAC Address in Windows

  • Right-click ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’ on your desktop and select Manage
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Select Network Adapters
  • Select and double-click on the adapter for which you want to change MAC address
  • You will find a properties window with multiple tab’s. Select ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Under ‘Property’, find ‘Network Address’ or ‘Locally Administered Address’
  • Now select value and put your 12 digit hexadecimal number
  • Press OK and exit.

Virtual Machine

I’ve been thinking about setting TeamViewer up under a virtual machine using VirtualBox, just haven’t had a chance to play with it.

Past SIDCHG Codes


  • February: 3WgcZ-6zzf5-hCZkB-cf


  • January: 3jh4d-xBkJ2-l#$d0-uv
  • March: 3WgcZ-67jv5-hCZka-tJ


  • May: 3hs9z-mbFv8-idbc3-3J
  • June: 3hs9z-mbFf8-idbc3-2f
  • August: 3UtEH-N1EfZ-j193d-1f
  • September: 3UtEH-N1EvZ-j193d-2J
  • October: 3UtEH-N1DZZ-j193d-3Z
  • November: 3XL4n-L1DJT-P97Vd-3v
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