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Sage Pastel – The Server is not registered or the Server registration expired.

Normally occurs due to

  • The registration files have become corrupted and need to be reset
  • Incorrect License – When you have installed the incorrect product i.e. You are licensed for Xpress but you’ve installed Partner or vice versa
    • or youve installed the incorrect Pervasive i.e. you have a license for v10 but installed v13
    • or the serial number you are using is not for the version you have installed i.e. using a V18 serial number when registering Sage 50c / V19
  • You have mapped the drive to the server’s IP address and not the Server Name
  • You have mapped the drive to the wrong folder or server
  • The system date is incorrect on the PC you are registering

Reset Sage Pasle Registration

  • Navigate to the Pastel or Xpress folder
  • Search for Reset.exe and double-click to open
  • Select to Clear Registry, Clear Registration and Clear Companies
  • Do this on the server as well as the workstation

Ensure that the product you have installed is the version you are registered for i.e. Partner or Xpress

Ensure that you have the correct base serial number for the version of Sage Pastel Accounting you have installed.

Every version has its own unique serial number:

  • Sage 50c/V19 – Starts with an O
  • V18 – Starts with – G
  • V17 – Starts with – Q
  • V14 – Starts with – N
  • V12 – Starts with – L
  • V11 – Starts with – K

What this means is that if you upgrade or install a different version the serial number of the old version will not work and you will get the error “Registration code entered incorrectly.”

You will need to contact support in order for them to provide you with the base serial number that corresponds to the version you have installed.

Mapped drive uses the server computer name, not the IP address

  • Right click on This PC and select Map Network Drive
  • Select an unused Drive letter between, I usually use either P: or S:
  • Browse to the Server computer Name
  • Double click on the Pastelxx/Xpressxx folder (Where xx represents the version of Sage software you are running i.e. Pastel19)
  • Select Reconnect at sign in
  • Select Finish

Mapped drive corresponds to Sage Pastel product you have installed

  • Xpress or Pastel for Xpress & Partner respectively. Also ensure the version is correct i.e. 19 for Sage 50c

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